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Ben Franklin’s Contributions to America Essay

Franklin earned the title of “The First American” for his early campaigning for colonial unity, as an author and spokesman in London for several colonies, then as the first United States Ambassador to France, he shaped the emerging American nation. Franklin was a phenomenal writer. His discovery of electricity allows us to use anything electronic, such as video games and computers. His bifocals help the people that are a little blind see normally or better. His lightning rods are famous. His inventions are some of the greatest inventions in the world.

American History Chapter 1 Section 1: 1. A. The ice age is important in understanding the American Indian culture because they had to live in a very harsh environment. B. Migration is important in understanding the American Indian culture because they had to do this to get to the America’s and start a new civilization. C. The Mayas were an ancient civilization who used agriculture and hunting for food. just like the American Indians D. The Aztecs were an ancient civilization that was very aggressive and fought a lot. the American Indians also did this. they used many of the same weapons.

E. Adobe was very important for the American Indians because they used this sun-dried brick for a lot of their buildings. it was strong and easy to make. F. the iroquois league were all of the American Indian tribes around the americas. They fought commonly and were very similar. 2. The spread of civilization began in the americas began when people migrated from Asia. They got to the americas by crossing the ice bridge. This was in the time of the ice age. the American Indians were the first to settle in the americas.

3. Nomadic: moved from place to place to survive followed buffalos around the Great Plains more hunting experience Farming: did not move often more knowledge in farming and gathering 4. The two main thought are the land bridge and the migration theory. the land bridge people from asia traveled to the americas and settled. In the migration theory says that people sailed from asia to america 5. Land bridge, following buffalos, settling and growing. Section 2: 1. A. The middle ages was period in European history from the 5th century through the 14th century.

B. The Renaissance was a period in European history lasting from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, which ushered in a more secular age and encouraged freedom of thought, the importance of the individual, and renewed interest in classical learning C. The Reconquista was a battle, ending in 1492, that reestablished Spanish Christian rule on the Iberian Peninsula after 700 years of Muslim dominance 2. Europeans began to explore more of the world by boat. Christopher columbus was the first man to explore the “new world”. He found it on accident. 3.

4. I think that European technology got more advanced in the 1500s because of the influence of outside places. Other cultures influenced them and gave more ideas. 5. The Renaissance affected Europeans in the 15th century by giving them a new interest in art. They made tons of amazing pieces that still set a president for modern art. 6. I think the reconquista sparked spains interest in exploring the new world because it gave them a taste of the outside world. They were very curious about what else could be out there. They also wanted to find the golden city.

A Section 3: 1. A. Ghana: major civilization in Africa in the ninth century. Today it is a country located on the coast of West Africa. One of the first places where Europeans sought out cheap labor B. Mali: where Mansa Musa came from. Founded the university of Timbuktu C. Mansa Musa: known as the richest man that has ever lived. Expanded the Mali kingdom exponentially. Had a lot of gold and salts. D. Songhai: 2. The people in West Africa before the age of European exploration were able to fish in the rivers and grow crops.

West African people were able to smelt iron. By 500 AD, there were about 20,000 people living in Djenne-Djeno in West Africa. 3. a city in central Mali near the Niger river; formerly famous for its gold trade 4. The presence of gold and salts helped encourage others to go towards that area and create large civilizations. Most of the large civilizations had the advantage of the resources that drew attention from a lot of people creating these larger kingdoms. 5. The slave trade in Africa existed for thousands of years.

Slaves in Africa were often criminals or had unpaid debts and had to work until the debt was paid. Slavery in African cultures was generally more like indentured servitude: “slaves” were not made to be a personal possession of other men, neither were they enslaved for life. African slaves were paid wages and were able to accumulate property. They often bought their own freedom and could then achieve social promotion. Whereas slavery in the America’s was full and complete ownership over someone that you bought for a specific labor.

6. The European Portuguese imported millions of blacks to Brazil to live a good life. They didn’t make them slaves in Brazil when they got there, they had equal rights. Section 4: 1. A. Christopher Columbus: discovered the Americas. B. John Cabot: a mariner employed by the English. Discovered New Fond land. C. Pedro Alvarez Cabral: discovered Brazil. D. Amerigo Vespucci: discovered south of South America officially making it a separate continent. E. Ferdinand Magellan: succeeded in encircling the entire globe. F.

Hernan Cortes: led a group of about 600 volunteers from Cuba to the coast of Mexico. He was also a conquistador. 2. Many of the native American tribes who were already in the Americas were overthrown by the Europeans such as the aztecs being overthrown by Spanish conquistadors. 3. Montezuma and the Aztecs could’ve had a chance against the i conquistadors if they had been aggressive when they first arrived. 4. It forced Spain to Abandon the Eastern route around Africa to get To the East, and opt for the risky proposal of Columbus to try and get to the East by going West.

This resulted in the discovery of the Americas, which not only provided Spain with gold and silver from conquest of indigenous peoples, but set up Spain as one of the largest colonial Empire. 5. God, Glory, and Gold. The first explorers came to the Americas in search for a faster route to Asia. On their journey they found a previously unknown part of the world; and with it, an unknown people and culture. When the conquistadores entered into the great cities of these awesome empires they encountered a fortune in gold and new crops that they could take with them back to Europe.

Some examples of these new foods included corn, avocados, chilies, vanilla, yams, chewing gum, and chocolate. They also believed it to be their Christian duty to convert the polytheistic natives to their monotheistic Catholic ways. And lastly, conquering the majority of the western hemisphere in the name of Spain was a smart strategic move that could gain them land, power and more money. 6. The Columbian Exchange increased food production on the Atlantic, making possible the world population growth of recent centuries.

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