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Beverages Consumed by Upv Dormitory Residents While Studying Essay

Being a student in the University of the Philippines means a lot of stress, pressure and challenge. It is always expected that any student will experience sleepless nights due to endless exams, reports and papers. To cope with these hectic schedules, a lot of students are looking for ways to help them stay active and awake. One of the most common way students resort to is to drink beverages. Many beverages are helpful in making students stay awake and active during studying. Carbonated drinks, energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks, and water are the beverages most commonly consumed by students.

With regards to these concerns, a study was conducted to determine the choice of beverage of students and to know the reasons why they drink the beverage of their choice. Though others might say that beverages such as carbonated, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks can be harmful to our human body, it can also be helpful to students especially when they were studying. These beverages are very helpful to students, but we cannot deny the fact that if these are beneficial to the students, beverages such as carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks have harmful effects as well.

It is obvious from the word itself that caffeinated drinks contains drug known as caffeine. It is also found in many different substances such as coffee. Some drinks have little amount of it and others may contain no caffeine at all. Consuming small amount of caffeine may be safe that it could help improve our body to have more energy and to stay focus and contrite well but a large consumption of caffeinated beverages leads to negative effects on the human body (Chloe, 2010). Besides consumption of caffeinated drinks really helps students to ward off sleep and increase alertness when the situation demands us to stay awake or need to have a little sleep.

Aside from caffeinated drinks, water can help drive away the feeling of sleepiness. Water is an easy home remedy to stay awake whole night when nothing else is available. Drinking ice-cold water is also beneficial because it is a form of distraction to falling asleep (Nicks, 2011). Moreover, frequent urination that follows with increased water intake can prevent from falling asleep (Nicks, 2011). Some common reasons why people drink are to relax, celebrate and also to relax. Drinking alcoholic drinks is usually not part of the reason to drink in order to stay awake for it contains chemicals that depresses the nervous system (Nicks, 2011).

Furthermore, consumption of alcoholic drinks may either be beneficial or harmful to body especially on the brain. Over consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to brain functioning such as loss of intellectual functioning combined with amnesia. In addition to that, alcohol-induced brain damage appears to be partially reversible with abstinence (Institute of Alcohol Studies, 16 July 2007). The choice of beverage also varies with each student depending on what kind of beverages they think could help them in any way. The effect of these beverages to the academic life of each student is very important and has an influence on their choice.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The results of the study will be beneficial to the following: Students. Students will know what beverage can be beneficial with respect to their general weighted average. Manufacturers. Manufactures of the drinks will know if their products are beneficial to the students. Retailers in the dorm area. Product retailers will be able to choose what drink they can sell in the dorm area. Researchers. This will be beneficial to the other researchers for future reference purposes. RESEARCH QUESTIONS a. What is the beverage that students residing in the five UPV Miag-ao dormitories drink the most when studying? b.

What is the most important reason why they drink their choice of beverage? c. How satisfied are they with the beverage they consume? d. Is there a linear relationship between their choice of beverage and their general weighted average? e. Is there a linear relationship between their choice of beverage and their general weighted average? OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY a. to determine the proportion of students who drink beverages while studying b. to determine the beverage that students residing in UPV Miag-ao dormitories drink the most while studying c. to determine the reasons why they drink their choice of beverage while studying d.

To determine their level of satisfaction with the beverage they drink e. to determine the relationship between their choice of beverage and their general weighted average f. to determine the relationship between the number of times they drink and their choice of beverage general weighted average METHODOLOGY Study Design This is a cross-sectional study of the population to determine the beverages consumed by the students residing in the five UPV Miag-ao dormitories while studying and their effect on the grades of the dormers. Study Population Sample Size.

The sample size, calculated based on the current population of the five dormitories of University of the Philippines Visayas Miag-ao, Iloilo, was estimated at 240 individuals comprising 2 strata, Freshmen Dormitories and the Upperclassmen Dormitories, with 110 and 130 individuals per group respectively. When it comes to academic loads, freshmen have almost similar level of loads and the upper class men also have similar level of loads. That is, freshmen have lighter loads and upper class men have heavier loads. Heavier loads means a lot of sleepless nights so upper class men have more reason to drink.

When it comes to the general weighted average (GWA), since freshmen have lighter loads, they have a better chance to get higher GWA. This estimated sample size was based on the assumption that no prior estimate of the proportion of individuals whose choice of beverage and their general weighted average (GWA) is known before this survey was planned. Thus, a conservative estimate of the sample size can be obtained by choosing the proportion of what is unknown to be 0. 5. Also, a 5% margin of error was employed in this survey. Sampling Design and Selection of Respondents.

The selection of the 240 individuals was based on a stratified random sampling design. First, the population was divided into two strata, the freshmen dormitory residents and the upper class dormitory residents. By proportional allocation, 130 residents from the upper class dormitories and 110 residents from freshmen dormitories were the allocated sizes for each stratum. List of dormitory residents are found in Table A . Survey Instrument The survey instrument consists of 2 parts namely: A. Respondent Characteristics B. Beverage Related Questions Do you drink something while you are studying?

What beverage do you usually drink the most while studying? How many times do you drink your choice beverage while studying? What are the three important reasons why you drink the type of beverage you specified in question 2 while studying? How satisfied are you with the beverage you drink? What is your general weighted average last semester? Data Collection A Self-Enumeration method was used to gather information using the questionnaire. English is the language used in the questionnaire. Data were collected from all the 240 respondents in a span of 4 days. Data Processing Data was encoded using SPSS Version 16.

0 (SPSS Inc. 2007). The questionnaire numbers were included in the encoding to easily detect which respondents’ answers were miscoded. The Analysis of the data, tables and graphs was done using SPSS version 16. 0. Statistical Analysis Some items in the questionnaire were included to measure a specific construct. Frequencies and percentages were used to answer most of the survey objectives. One-Way ANOVA was used to determine significant differences in the general weighted average among groups based on the choice of beverages and the frequency of students drinking their choice of beverage while studying.

RESULTS and DISCUSSION Result shows that eighty-seven point nine per cent ( 87. 9%) of the students residing in the five residence halls in UPV Miaga-ao are drinking beverages while studying while twelve point one (12. 1%) per cent are not (see Table 1). Six point two (6. 2%) per cent of the respondents drink carbonated drinks, forty-seven point one (47. 1%) per cent drink caffeinated or energy drinks, one point two (1. 2%) drink alcoholic drinks, twenty eight point three (28. 3%) drink water and five point four (5. 4%)per cent drink other beverages (see Table 2).

The three most important reasons why the respondents drink the beverages they prefer are the taste (41. 8%), availability (41. 2%) and the effect in helping them to stay awake (67. 9%) (see Table 3). Other reasons are that the beverage they drink is healthy (22. 5%), drinking is part of their study habit (32. 1%), the affordability (17. 9%), and other specified reasons are the relaxation and the craving on the certain drink. It is shown in Table 4 that students are nearly satisfied with the beverage they drink with mean level of satisfaction equal to 3.

69. There is a significant difference in the mean general weighted average of UPV dormitory residents (F= 2. 5, p=. 031) who are drinking different types of beverages while studying. Table 5 shows that among the dormitory residents who drink the different types of beverages, the ones who drink alcoholic beverages while studying have the highest mean GWA. On the contrary, Table 6 shows that the number of times the residents drink their choice of beverages does not affect their GWA at the end of the semester (F= 1. 473, p=. 2).

It means that the GWA of the residents are not affected by the frequency of drinking the beverage of their choice. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS There are more students who drink any of the beverages than not with 87. 9%. Of those 211 students who drink, most of them chose caffeinated and/ or energy drink with 47. 1% and drink chosen the least is the alcoholic drink. Though a few number of students consume alcoholic drinks, they unexpectedly have the highest mean general weighted average. On contrary, the number of times the residents drink their choice of beverage does not affect their general weighted average.

Because of the unexpected result in our study, at this point of time, we cannot really recommend that alcoholic drinks are good for studying. But we propose that there should be more future studies to confirm if drinking alcoholic drinks really improves the academic performance of the students. Also, they should add others factors that c Since most of the respondents are drinking caffeinated/energy drinks, we would like to recommend to certain manufacturers of caffeinated/energy drinks that they improve their marketing strategies to gain attention because of the competitions.

Companies with known brands should improve their products so that they will not lose their consumers while those unpopular companies must improve their marketing strategies through advertisements and improvements of their products as well. They should also focus on the taste of their product because most of the students prefer the taste of the beverage. Also, because the availability of the product is one of the reasons why students drink caffeinated/energy beverages, we suggest that retailers in the dorm area should sell such drink APPENDIX A TABLES Table A. List of Respondents Ran no. | Respondents (Upperclass)| Ran no.

| Respondents (Freshmen)| 139| Esmeralda, Hershey| 274| Tiongson, Nijyl| 109| De La Paz, Janine| 110| Torreno, Ermin| 191| Junio, Rap Eula| 241| Paguidopon, Cyril| 56| Basister, Wina Irah| 222| Maguad, Ma. Althea| 69| Bonites, Danessa Joy| 185| Francisco, Elthon| 310| Sta. Maria, Marbenn| 292| Wong, Maria Angelica| 195| Laoc, Charles Von| 33| Continente, Jose Ryan| 167| Gonzaga, Paul Ray-An| 158| Celis, Ella Marie Sofia| 55| Barros, Michelle Anne| 43| Donguines, Adelaine Grace| 202| Limjuco, Ivan Christian| 53| Jimenez, Camille Ericka| 157| Gallenero, Kate April| 238| Odtujan, Wenna Grace| 44| Bagsit, Mitzi Kate| 159| Jance, Mary Pauline|.

14| Alaban, Annaveve Rose| 263| Suarez, Angelica Faith| 108| Daynolo, Raquel| 109| Torrecampo, Jaira Jane| 295| Salvallon, Carmina| 196| Incensario, Cindy| 340| Villalva, Jenny Boy P| 39| Dela Cruz, Eduard| 133| Encio, Quinzelle Ann| 270| Tan, Diana| 33| Arcenio, Ariane| 134| Bacaoco, Ella Marie Kristine| 126| Dumantay, Sherwin| 265| Surilla, John Chaldean| 180| Igpuara, Luvielyn| 32| Condez, Jared Philip| 347| Zeller, Lylve Mariz| 105| Tampus, Franzine Glorie| 265| Pepino, Ma. Marivick| 8| Banehit, Gracesel Faith| 154| Frayco, Altia| 251| Potot, Kristin Francis May| 18| Alido, Edwin| 172| Deslate, August John Xavier|.

134| Endencio, Gerry| 51| Gamez, Clarence| 197| Ledesma, Anne Brigette| 267| Tabing, Ralph Oliver| 329| Tubeo, Nikki Francheska| 239| Oligo, Femelyn Rose| 248| Pagapulan, Marn Angeli| 154| Camarote, Brylle Kristiann| 102| Dacut, Carl Mark| 194| Hortilano, Kristine| 10| Agero, Nikki Rose| 191| Go, Edwina Ruby| 168| Gonzales, Julio Joseph D. | 16| Besinga, Yvonne Grace| 151| Fontillas, Jeanne| 211| Limbaroc, Darrell Christian| 268| Nillasca, Amria Canice| 47| Estante, Eros Paul| 99| Daayata, Angela Marie| 92| Sacramento, Noe John Joseph| 244| Pabualan, Lorejane| 30| Cojuangco, Florenz Dean| 2| Abagatnan, Samuel| 258| Rojas, Jan Katherine|.

162| Genio, Josette| 45| Ereje, Reymark| 216| Manogan, Dana| 125| Alba, Phoebe Anne| 67| Bohol, Lyan Jean| 245| Paroginog, Christian| 161| Gelvoligaya, Luke Jan| 213| Lorenzo, Ma. Conception| 159| Gara, Nolan| 83| Palomo, Megan| 31| Aranguez, Christian Tom| 102| Tabonda, April Mae| 30| Aquino, Jon Irish| 137| Baltazar, Gleza| 242| Orquia, John Jowil P. | 133| Atienza, Paul Henry| 174| Hibaler Regino| 78| Obaob, Laurence| 229| Montales, Ma. Josita| 206| Lao, Karli Anne| 283| Ribalde, Aldren A. | 277| Tordesillas, Jessa Grace| 41| Bae, Haengun| 67| Mangilog, Jude| 280| Rendaje, Donna| 140| Barrera, Mia|.

116| Deopido, Reanna Rosalia| 190| Garcia, Jondale Mae| 47| Balino, Beverly| 66| Manejar, Arvie Joy| 301| Segura, Errol Ralph| 294| Zomil, Nica Pearl| 288| Rotas, Shiela Mae| 22| Caspe, Dion Paul| 4| Abelarde, Ma. Gail| 252| Prisco, Emman Lliam| 182| Ingeniero, Andrea Faye| 25| Castor, Romena| 241| Oppus, Dia Monica| 284| Uehara, Mika| 87| Caro, Miguel Caro| 204| Lachica, Fritzie Lee| 76| Cabarles, Jodhie Mae| 228| Manlangit, Katleen| 144| Estores, El Nino| 111| Tupag, Xerxes| 48| Bangcaya, Angelo Deo| 49| Fulgencio, Eunice Sheene| 249| Pagdato, Shannen Jhen| 247| Penetrante, Alexis Ray| 305| Sisican, Daniel Joseph| 279| Torres, Agape May|.

21| Almencion, Joyce| 168| De Juan, Katrina Bernadette| 165| Go, Catherine Joy| 280| Treyes, Michael Andre| 290| Saldana, Carinna| 6| Artus, Janrey| 235| Negoso, Roxanne Louise| 176| Darroca, Rejean Marie| 282| Rezaga, Mark Allan| 81| Pagunsan, Auser Jann| 147| Fabe, Dharyl Straberry| 278| Torre, Marayah Rio| 7| Acosta, Mabelle| 257| Rodriguez, Faith Marie| 121| Dolendo, Jeanne Lee| 135| Badiang, John Piox| 309| Sta. Cruz, Niel Conrad| 207| Lapoot, Mar Cletus| 264| Penuela, Dianne Frances| 63| Malaga, Karch| 17| Alegre, Anavie| 68| Mayormita, Krisleen Marie| 23| Amoyo, Karlyn Kay| 188| Galbo, Roselle|.

20| Almaquer, Francis Eric| 281| Treyes, Nicolle| 158| Gane, Maria Theresa| 218| Macoy, Donna Vanessa| 253| Pan, Maila| 195| Ilejay, Jorge Alberto| 75| Cabanilla, Carmelo| 180| Estardo, Jessica| 269| Placer, Elecca| 205| Lagtapon, Jyll| 304| Sinfuego,Alain Dean| 224| Malagda, Wilshane Marie| 258| Pareja, Arphymm Marie| 234| Mojica, Mariane Daiseree| 223| Mendoza, Jared Nikko| 12| Bautista, Katrina| 58| Batislaong, Paolo| 88| Recopuerto, Harmon| 171| Henderin, Jason| 40| Delima, Stephanie| 148| Fabila, Lobelene May| 112| Tutor, Ace Marc| 345| Virgula, Juliette| 97| Sarroza, Anna Marie|.

240| Omar Al-Abdallah, Sahar| 246| Payofelin, Frances Joan| 208| Magallanes, Mia Fe| 248| Pineda, Abraham| 46| Baldonasa, RB Hera Angelica| 130| Andres, Darine Jane| 146| Fababier, Cris John| 200| Ireneo, Jevin Justine| 188| Jino-o, Errol| 115| Villalobos, Mae Lynn| 105| Dalida, Elizabeth| 175| Elbanbuena, Cherry Ann| 271| Policarpio, Stella| 23| Castanares, Kyle| 142| Espera, Leza Andrea| 178| Esmolo, Rubie| 22| Alvarez, Noela Joy| 18| Caliso, Femmy Rose| 181| Impreso, Camille| 116| Villanueva, Coleen Thea| 96| Combalicer, Bianca Isabel| 62| Magallanes, Loise Ember| 318| Talaman, Niescee Eiscene| 73| Nablo, Clarice|.

246| Padernal, Michael Patrick| 7| Balani, Mar Anthony| 152| Formaran, Anthony Dwin| 91| Romelo, Nimrod| 233| Narvasa, Jane Karla| 273| Tenoso, Rechelle| 275| Rapista, Jan Rhen| 268| Tabsing, Khristine| 325| Tinagan, Gabrielle Rose| 163| Dagundon, Allyssa Atrovel| 95| Colon, Matt Jensen Rey| 78| Obaob, Laurence| 303| Duremdes, Lenny Joie| 271| Tedera, Yves| 150| Felisa, Karissa Paula| 243| Pamonag, Neal Abelard| 314| Tabarra, Ledrick| 70| Montales, Pia Carlyn| 107| Dalmacio, Rushell Joyce| 94| Saluta, Errol| 254| Casidsid, Velvet| 149| Bocario, Sydney| 279| Regalado, Wilfredo| 86| Perez, Rom Trishtan|.

342| Villanueva, Ma. Sharee Lou| | | 198| Ledesma, Luvic| | | 224| Mendoza, Charaine| | | 252| Palma, Peter| | | 236| Nillasca, Vicar Stella| | | 204| Lucero, Melrick| | | 292| Saldana, Carlo| | | 173| Heredia, Angelica Katrina| | | 185| Jaleco, Mieldrick| | | 251| Palacio, Ruchelle| | | 60| Berano, Erlie| | | 273| Quimsing, Renan| | | 228| Monsale, Dona Mae| | | 231| Montoya, Jamella| | | 201| Libunao, Gardel Xyza| | | 312| Suico, Karen| | | 86| Capina, Kierstin| | | 50| Baquiano, Clarie Dean| | | 153| Francisco, Farramae| | | 156| Parcon, Gregory Lou| | |

Table 1: Proportion of Respondents who drink and don’t drink beverage while studying Respondents| Frequency| Percent| NoYes| 29211| 12. 187. 9| Table 2: Choice of Drinks of the Respondents Choice of drink| Frequency| Percent| Carbonated drinksCaffeinated/energy drinksAlcoholic drinksWaterOthers| 1511336813| 6. 247. 11. 228. 35. 4| Table 3: Reasons of the respondents for drinking their choice of beverage Reason| Frequency| Percent| It helps me stay awakeIt helps me remember the things I studyIt is affordableI like the tasteIt is most readily availableIt is part of my study habitIt is healthyOthers| 1633543100997754| 67.

914. 617. 941. 841. 232. 122. 5| Table 4: Level of Satisfaction of Respondents with their Choice of Beverage | N| Minimum| Maximum| Mean| Level of Satisfaction| 240| 0| 5| 3. 69| Table 5: ANOVA Table for the Choice of Beverage and their GWA | Sum of Squares| df| Mean Square| F| Sig. | Between GroupsWithin GroupsTotal| 2. 14339. 94642. 090| 5233238| . 429. 171| 2. 500| . 031| Table 6: Post Hoc | N| Subset for alpha = 0. 051| Alcoholic drinksWaterCarbonated DrinksNAOthersCaffeinated/Energy DrinksSig. | 367152813113| 1. 919331. 989252. 058002. 153672. 158462. 20252. 162|

Table 7: ANOVA Table for the Number of times they drink their choice of beverage and their GWA | Sum of Squares| df| Mean Square| F| Sig. | Between GroupsWithin GroupsTotal| 1. 28940. 80042. 090| 5233238| . 258. 175| 1. 473| . 200| APPENDIX B FIGURES Figure 1: Pie Chart for the proportion of Respondents Figure 2: Pie Chart for the Respondent’s Choice of Beverage APPENDIX C FORMULAS Computation of Sample size: no =Z? /2 pqd2 Where p (probability of success) = 0. 5 q ( probability of failure) = 0. 5 ? = 0. 05 d (margin of error) = 0. 06 no= 1. 9620. 5(0. 5)(0. 052)=384. 16 n= 3841+ 384642=240. 28 ?240 APPENDIX D.

QUESTIONNAIRE Beverages Consumed by UPV Dormitory Residents While Studying Name (optional): Gender: Age: Course: Year Level: Weekly Allowance: 1. Do you drink something while you are studying? | (1) Yes| | (2) No | (If yes, proceed to number 2) (If no, proceed to number 6) 2. What beverage do you usually drink the most while studying? (Please check one only) | (1) carbonated drinks| | (2) caffeinated drinks| | (3) energy drinks| | (4) alcoholic drinks| | (5) milk| | (6) water| | (7) others| 3. How many times do you drink your choice beverage while studying? | (1) Once| | (2) Twice| | (3) Thrice| | (4) More than Thrice| 4.

What are the three most important reasons why you drink the type of beverage specified in question 2 while studying? Please check the top 3 reasons. | (1) It helps me stay awake| | (2) It helps me remember the things I study| | (3) It is affordable| | (4) I like the taste| | (5) It is most readily available| | (6) It is part of my study habit| | (7) It is healthy| | (8) Others (please specify):_______________| 5. How satisfied are you with the beverage you drink? Rate from 1 to 10, 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest. (Encircle your choice) 12345678910 6. What is your general weighted average last semester?

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