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| Communication in Workplace Essay

An organizational chart is an important communicational tool in an organization. It displays visually how communication flows in an organization. In the organizational chart, the vertical lines represent the level of hierarchy in the organization. The top most rank is always at the top of the chart. The horizontal lines represent the working relationship in the organization. The main purpose of the organizational chart is to improve the management, job analysis, to develop supervisory communication, to restructure the organization and to develop a job analysis (Kasem, 2012). Absence of the organizational chart makes work difficult in the organization. The employees will not be able to communicate effectively with their supervisors. In case of conflicts in the organization, the employees will not know the correct channel to follow. This further causes more confusion and conflicts. However, the organizational chart solves the issues relating to the working relationship of the employees and the administration (see Chart 1) (Kasem, 2012).

Effectiveness of Communication Structure

Effective communication is highly valued in such organization as Emirates Airlines, and its purpose is to ensure that the proper communication takes place in the company. Taking this into consideration, the organization uses a mechanism that ensures effective communication at all levels. The reason for the mechanism implementation was the fact that communication didn’t flow equally at all levels. The higher level of the organization had a good communication mechanism, and the employees at this level had a well-developed coordination mechanism (Brad, 2010).

However, when the communication was at a lower level, the employees were not communicating well. This was mainly due to some weaknesses in the organizational chart. This hindered effective communication and some protocols were ignored during the communication process; this lead to inefficiencies and misunderstandings in some areas. Such problems made it difficult to solve conflicts and the management level of the organization could not understand the problems, faced by the owner level. The employees of the lower level felt that they were ignored and the sense of belonging was lost. After the issue had been noted, the organization had to restructure its organizational chart, and, as a result, communication has greatly improved and the company has noted tremendous changes in its operations.

The communication process is, thus, quite effective and is serving its main purpose. This is mainly portrayed by the fact that all the employees know what they are supposed to do in the organization. This includes their job descriptions, the time to report to work, who to contact in case of any problems or conflict etc. As a result, all the employees perform their tasks well and a report to the immediate supervisor is written on a daily basis. All employees always follow the correct channel, whenever there are some issues that need to be addressed. This has made the work in the organization quite simple. The employees also take a refresher course to boost their skills whenever a new concept arises. It is more common for the information technology department. The department has to keep in pace with the changing technology. The organization requires the employees to possess some qualifications and requirements. This is well understood by all the employees, since it has been effectively communicated to them. This shows that the communication process is working effectively, and the employees understand that they are required to do certain things in order to perform certain tasks.

The communication process, adapted by the organization, has created a sense of belonging within the company. None of the employees, regardless of the rank, has a feeling of being sidelined. All the employees feel that they are the part of the organization. This is best portrayed by work with dedication. All employees work with dedication, striving to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. It is clear that the employees were made to feel that they are the part of the organization. This factor can be achieved only through the effective communication. Whenever the employees have any problem, they always know that they will receive help and assistance, since they belong to the organization.

Methods of Gathering Information

Methods of gathering information

This method is mainly used during the project process of gathering of information. The managers have to find the extensive details of the project (Brad, 2010). The manager, thus, has to carry out meetings with the team members of the project. The stake holders are also involved in the project, and that is why the team members have all the information. This form of gathering information is very accurate. The sources of the information can be verified, which makes the information more reliable and accurate. The organization, therefore, prefers using this method of gathering information. It is also preferred since the team members are part of the company and, therefore, they are willing to give the right information that will be helpful to the organization.

Formal |er meetings

The organization has a department that is a field based. Its main duty is to hold meetings with the clients on a weekly basis. The field officers have to find out any issues that a client may have with the organization. This also includes the areas of improvement, where the company is not satisfying the needs of the client. This information is then carefully drafted and sent to the field coordinator, who is also the team leader in the research department. After the information is verified, it is sent to the manager and the human resource department for action. After analyzing the gathered information, the manager will communicate it to the employees of the areas that need improvements. The organization also has a lot of confidence with this method of gathering information. This is mainly because the information is gathered directly from the |ers who are the clients of the organization. Any information from them is considered accurate and action has to be taken accordingly.

Adhoc discussion

The management has a system of gathering information within the company. The supervisors play a huge role in this process, mainly because they are always in contact with the junior employees. However, the company may not fully adopt the information from the supervisors. The team leaders have a duty of going round and having discussions with the employees face to face with the purpose of obtaining information. However, this method may look outdated and may affect some employees. The team leaders are, thus, advised to conduct such exercise with a lot of caution and with no authority display. The employees were also told about this process, in order them to be cooperative. The gathered information is then sent to the administration for further communication with the employees.

Methods of Distributing Information

Face to face communication

Face to face communication is one of the methods of distributing information to the employees within the organization, and it involves direct communication (Gina, 2011). This method is used to distribute information within the various teams. The team leaders are responsible for distributing the information directly to their team members. This is mainly because the organization has a large number of employees and they cannot be addressed face to face within the organization at the same time. This method of distributing the information is usually used in areas where the reaction of the employees has to be known. It is important for the organization, since it will capture the mood of the employees. The team leaders will then communicate the employees` reaction to the administration.

Electronic communication

This method of distributing information is used when the information has to reach all the employees within the shortest period of time possible. It is done mainly through the computers. Each employee in the organization is required to have an organizational email account. All the departments have computers and most of the employees have been provided with a laptop. Therefore, the use of the electronic system to distribute the information is highly adopted. The organization also prefers to use this method since it will block the outsiders from accessing the information directly. This method of distributing information has been quite successful for the organization

Taking into consideration the Kelly`s position, the occurred accident is very vital. This is mainly because a child has been injured within the premised of the organization. The first step is to take the child to the hospital. It considers the effects that the delay may have on the health of the child. However, the immediate boss will be notified of the occurred accident. This is for the purpose of the events records, and the solution to the problem has to be found. The main solution in this case is to ensure that repairs are done in the climbing frame. Due to the sensitivity of the information, also the parents of the child have to be notified of the accident. This kind of information is vital and one should be very careful when informing the parents, since they will not take the information calmly if they are to get the information from an external source.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze who should be informed first. This is regardless of the reaction to the information. However, the information should be passed in the politest manner possible. After one parent is informed, the other should be informed as well, since, if only one parent is informed the other one will have issues with the organization. This will lead to conflicts, since one of the parents may feel that he or she has been left out. However, if both of them are informed, there will be only a small possibility of conflict. The case, presented in the abstract, shows that the communication process was poor and, thus, the father was not adequately informed and he learned about the information from a secondary source.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is an important mean of conveying information from one person to another. It spells out how the information will be spread. This eliminates the chances of misinformation and conflicts in the process. According to the case study, it is clear that there was no effective communication. As a result, there was a conflict between the father of the child and the organization. It is also clear that the organization does not have the policy of how information should be passed from one party to another. Instead, the information is passed selectively. It is portrayed by the fact that the information was passed to the mother without following any channel. The information was passed to one parent, which is quite selective. According to the case study, the organization has a poor communication system. This is evident from the fact that the manager did not play an active role in the process.

This is a weakness and it clearly shows that there was no communication between the manager and the parent. The passed information was also not accurate, that`s why the father was planning to sue the organization. The organization therefore needs to develop a framework of effective communication which should be further adopted. To improve this situation the company should come up with the strategies that will adequately address whether the information has reached the concerned people or not. The level of accuracy of the information should also be verified. Since the organization deals with vital information, it should develop a mechanism of determining the best approach to use when passing the information. This should be done without offending any party, and people involved should understand the situation clearly (Shmerling, 1995).

Means of Getting All the Relevant People Involved

The organization needs to develop a clear mechanism of effective communication. This mean of communication should involve all the stake holders involved; since the organization involves children, parents and the organization itself. The best way to solve the problem is to develop an organizational chart that will aid the organization during the communication process. The organization should place management, parents, workers and children at different levels. The best form of communication should be the upward form. This is mainly because the problem will always arise from the bottom. When a child is injured, the immediate person is always the worker who is in contact with the child. According to the case study, the worker in this case is Kelly. Such information should then be passed to the management level. This is mainly because the parents have to go through the management before the child is admitted in the organization.

It will therefore be the responsibility of the management to pass the information to the parents and explain to them in details about what has transpired. This method ensures that all the stake holders have to be involved in the process and, thus, the flow of information will be improved. This is the only way that will prevent the conflicts between the organization and the stakeholders. In this case the channel of communication is very poor, as it leaves out some of the stakeholders in the process. However, adoption of an organizational chart will make matters easier for both the organization and the parents. A conflict resolution mechanism should also be put in place, in order to avoid one stakeholder from going to court or seek legal redress. Involving a third party will further hurt the relationship between the stakeholders.

Process of Dealing with Issues within the Organization

According to the case study, the organization has a way of dealing with issues that arise within the organization. In the case study, when the child was hurt the caretaker was responsible for taking the child to the hospital and also for informing the parent. The manager, on the other hand, had the responsibility of ensuring the children`s safety. This shows that the manager is not linked to the parent and the caretaker, instead, is the one who has a direct contact with the parents. Thus, the kind of process in the organization is quite shoddy. This is because the manager was also caught off guard by the father of the child since they did not communicate. The father is also blaming the women who took care of the children. This shows that there is no communication and the parent does not know the involvement of the manager in the organization`s operations. The organization`s processes are, thus, quite simple and they do not involve all the stakeholders. The process adopted by the organization does not address all the problems within the organization and is prone to a lot of conflicts.

How the Process Could Be Improved

According to the process, adopted by the organization to deal with issues, it is clear that it is quite inefficient and it requires a lot of reviews. This is to avoid the chances of being involved in the court. If such an organization is taken to court because of this kind of accident, then it risks paying huge amounts of compensation to the parents. To improve the process, the organization, therefore, needs to consider adopting other practices. The organization should consider holding a face to face meeting with the parents, in case of any problem facing their children. Instead of telling the parent to go to hospital in order to know the condition of the child, the parent should be called by the management for a face to face meeting. This will eliminate the chances when the parent feels that he or she has been left out of the process.

Holding an intervention meeting could have rescued the situation. An intervention meeting should be held by the management in case there are any accidences occurred. In this way it will be easy to find solutions to the problem before it gets to a dangerous level. If a meeting is to be held, the parents should be adequately addressed and thus the chance of the parent storming into the institution will not occur. In such case, the organization will find it easier to settle internal problems. A department should also be established to deal with public relations and conflict resolution. This is mainly for the purpose of helping the organization to tackle any issues that may arise. This department should work closely with parents. An organizational chart should be adopted to make communication efficient. With better means of communication within the organization and the stakeholders it will be easier to resolve conflicts. Good communication process enables all the parties to reach an understanding easily.

Communiqué for the Case Study

In response to the incident occurred today and which left one student injured, the organization wishes to send a message of quick recovery to the victim and apologies to the parents and the entire community. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all children in the organization from any harm. We strongly condemn any negligence from the side of the staff members and an investigation regarding the incident is on course. The organization will continue to play an active role in the child care and safety within the community. In order to receive forgiveness and conflict resolution, the organization wishes to express the sincerest apology to the father of the child with the hope of solving the issue amicably. We remain committed to our service and any improvement suggestion from the stakeholders is welcomed (Gurak & lannon, 2010).

Possible Effects of Personal Organizational Skills on the Team

Organizational skills are very important in terms of making operations easy. Most of the individuals with good organizational skills will always find it quite easy to run their day to day operations. These skills are adopted by individuals, depending on their aim and objectives that they need to accomplish. Personally i have good organizational skills that are necessary for the accomplishment of tasks: planning of the work schedule for each day, reporting to work early enough, being efficient and being reliable. This has greatly contributed to my performance at work. I manage my time well; I clear the desk after accomplishing a specific task, approach a new project with different strategies and meet all the deadlines. This has shown a good performance at the work place (Guffey, & Loewy, 2010).

When dealing with other team members, the organizational skills I possess do not change and, as a result, the team members understand it. Since my organizational skills are good and beneficial to the team, most of the team members have adopted them as well. According to Guffey & Loewy (2010), the team is thus able to accomplish all the tasks, assigned to it, in a short time. All the team members usually report early to work which has lead to daily development of strategies of dealing with the issues at hand.

The team members who had poor organizational skills have seen its importance and most of them have adopted them. This has led to the team`s success, and receipt of several awards in recognition for good performance. This has boosted the confidence levels of the team members and, as a result, all of them have become enthusiastic about the job. This, in turn, benefits the organization, since it is able to accomplish all its tasks and achieve its goals. The organization has also benefited from my organizational skills, since it has led to improvement in the leadership skills in the organization. As a result, there was a positive change in the organization. The organization is able to fully utilize the working hours by virtue of other employees following my example and report early to work.

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