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Employing People with Mental Illness/ Psychiatric Disabilities sample essay

Employment of people who are homeless and with serious mental challenges is a pertinent issue in the society. This is because many employees view homeless people with serious mental challenges as a great limitation to optimization of their business endeavors. In reality, this may not be true especially because disability whether in financial or physical means is not necessarily inability to work productively. This paper will look at the aspect of employing people with mental illness/ psychiatric disabilities.

Homeless people can be defined as people who are displaced and living in the streets because of limitations for instance financial implications (Anthony& Blanch, 1987). The fact that such people are homeless and living in abject poverty, it does not mean that they cannot work productively. With this in mind, it is unfair for employers to generalize homeless people as unable to be successfully integrated in the current work force. Consequently, people with serious mental challenges can be productive with medication and supervision if given the chance.

When homeless mentally challenged people are excluded from the work force, stereotypes against such people increases. This makes it hard for the society to accept and integrate them in the workforce as part of the society. In this manner, employing mentally challenged people will come a long way in preventing their alienation from the society and also making them contribute to their own social economic development. Literature review of people who are homeless and who have serious mental Illness Overview Homelessness and mental disabilities can be argued to have a significant effect in the modern society.

This is because of the high numbers of people who present poverty and mental disability problems. However, their existence in the society is not easy because of the various cultural stereotypes which present them as of less value in the current work force. Currently over 16% of inmates in jail suffer from mental disabilities (BJSSR, 1997). This means that when the 16% is finally released majority of them will be homeless and this may result to many negative implications. For instance, such homeless due to poverty may be forced to get into crime posing a threat to security.

The society has to realize that the problem of homelessness is a social evil cultivated by poverty. With this in mind, the society has to work together to ensure a viable solution of offering employment to the disabled and homeless people. What we know so far On the other hand, it is morally wrong to alienate homeless and mentally disabled people from the current workforce. This is because homeless people are the way they are because they lack the social economic capacity to make them look like the other ‘normal elite’. On the other hand, poverty does not mean that someone is incompetent.

Subsequently, severely disabled people also have the capacity to work successfully and earn a living from their work (Bond, 1987). This can be done through giving such individuals supervision, training and patience in order to be able to work. Currently, there are lobby groups and organizations which are creating awareness against alienation of homeless and mentally disabled people. However, more needs to be done in order to help reduce dependency and poverty among homeless and mentally challenged people.

Employment outcomes and Rural vs. Urban Employment Program Considerations Employment is a core ingredient to the social economic development of an individual. For instance, a homeless person can be able to raise his living standards as a result. The employment rate of homeless people in America accounts for about 26% (Cocozza & Skowyra, 2000). On the other hand, mentally challenged people can also be able to get well as a result of raised self esteem and acceptance by the society. In the United States the employment of people with severe mental disabilities account for about 15% (BJSSR, 1997). The government of US spends a lot of money in reach out programs for homeless and mentally disabled people.

In this manner, there is need to rehabilitate homeless and mentally disabled people to be able to enter into the workforce and earn a living. However, the employment rates in the urban places are much developed compared to the rural areas. This calls for more employment organizations to be based in the rural areas. For instance vocational rehabilitation agencies should be enhanced in rural areas. Discussion A Recovery-based foundation for Employment Services A recovery based foundation for employment services plays and integral role in the rehabilitation of homeless and severe cases of mentally challenged people.

A recovery based foundation for employment services acts as a link between homeless and mentally challenged people and their employees (Mullins, 1997). On the other hand, a recovery foundation for employment also offers necessary advice to their clients. Consecutively, recovery based foundation has strategies which enhance employment for homeless and mentally challenged people. Hence, the government needs to employ more recovery based foundations for employment services for homeless and mentally challenged people. Worker Role Recovery

When homeless and mentally challenged people are integrated in the workforce, the rate of recovery is increased and so is their social economic status. In other words, integrating these vulnerable groups in the workforce helps in making them to become objective and enhances their personality (Mullins, 1997). Worker role recovery is employed to enhance the process of integrating mentally challenged people in the workforce. There are supervisors who are set to analyze the progress of the mentally challenged individuals. In this manner, such individuals are helped in the process of integration in the workforce.

Framework for providing employment services A laid out strategy is needed to provide employment for mentally challenged individuals. The first step is for an employment foundation to get in touch with the necessary social worker and integrate the homeless and mentally disabled people in the programs (Mullins, 1997). Hence, the employment service should have relevant information for the person who is mentally challenged. Supervisors are needed to ensure that the recruits follow the laid out program. In this manner, recruits are sensitized on what is supposed to be done so that they can follow the instructions of their employees.

Hence, the staff at the employment center should be diverse in nature to deal with all people. On the other hand, the framework also ensures that people are not misused by employees because of their disabilities. For example some employees may accord much work to homeless and mentally challenged people. Others may offer fewer incentives or use words to intimidate such people. Cultural and Environmental Considerations Consecutively, the employment framework is set in such a way that it is able to reach out the needs of diversity (Virginia, 1997).

This is because teaching a severely mentally challenged person a new language could be a bigger challenge. In this manner, it is important for the employment agencies to use the advantage of diversity to get to reach out to their clients. Approaches to Employment for people with Serious Mental Illness There are various approaches to the employment of people with serious mental illnesses. These approaches have been tailored to meet the needs of mentally challenged people and at the same time act as a lasting solution to unemployment problems.

Transitional Employment Transitional employment is popularly known as TE and it encompasses the model of teaching mentally challenged people about the work they are supposed to do (David & John, 2004). In this manner mentally challenged people are able to do their work effectively. Consequently, TE helps mentally challenged people get the needed experience to venture into the competitive jobs. TE is time bound and by the end of the program those who persevere get acknowledged for their efforts (David & John, 2004). In other words, TE programs are like achievements for the mentally challenged people.

Supported Employment Supported employment refers to employment of mentally challenged people with zero tolerance to discrimination (David & John, 2004). The process of supported employment starts with onsite support. In this stage people with disabilities are supported as healthy and not dysfunctional. This makes them feel like the rest of the people and integrating in the normal workforce is very easy. On the other hand, rejection policy is not supported at all. The alienation of mentally challenged people is highly discouraged in supported employment.

Supported employment is a core ingredient in successful integration of individuals to the work force. The PACT Vocational Model Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is support provided in the community level (David & John, 2004). This kind of support is about eliminating support not because the mentally challenged people need it. Hence mentally challenged people under this arrangement are given the chance to work and carter for their needs. PACT vocational model is a successful means of facilitating successful employment of mentally challenged individuals. Individual Placement and Support

Individual placement support requires that a mentally challenged person gets integrated in a vocation directly (David & John, 2004). In the kind of vocation or employment placed in, the person is under supervision just like other people. Social enterprises and Affirmative Businesses Mentally challenged people have the ability to venture in any businesses and become successful. This is because mentally challenged people are also able to learn and this means that they can work just as other people do. Hence, social enterprises and affirmative businesses can be used as major targets for employment.

Self-Employment Disability cannot be termed as inability. In this manner it should be noted that mentally challenged people also have the ability to get integrated in self employment. A mentally challenged person has the ability to maintain his/ her business with the necessary help. A Note about Supported Education Supported education on the other hand plays an integral role in the lives of mentally challenged people (Phyllis, 1997). This is because mentally challenged people need to be taught just as other normal people to be able to be integrated in the community.

Supported education is not done in seclusion but is done in a normal institution where other normal individuals are educated. The impact of homelessness on people with serious mental illnesses seeking employment. Homelessness on people with serious mental illness who are seeking employment can be termed to be a challenging situation. Homelessness makes mentally challenged people seem vulnerable and not able to complete the tasks accorded to them. in this regard many employees may dismiss them without even giving them a chance. The following are some of the challenges faced by mentally challenged people in employment.

Personal-Level Challenges Personal level challenges for mentally challenged people present themselves in many ways. For instance, mentally challenged people may have a hard time trying to get integrated in the workforce (Phyllis, 1997). This is because their operational speed may be less compared to their normal functioning individuals. Program and Services Provider-Level Challenges Program and service provider level challenges come when the staffs are not patient and polite enough. This makes it hard for the mentally challenged people to keep pace with the employment training (Phyllis, 1997).

On the other hand, the programs being taught may not be easily assimilated by the mentally challenged individuals. Addressing Challenges in Service Systems The challenges faced in service systems are many and also there are several ways which can be used to deal with these challenges. One way to deal with these challenges can be through the government offering more financial support for such institutions. The enhancement of these institutions will come a long way in empowering mentally challenged people in the society.

Helping People who are Homeless and Have Serious Mental Illnesses Obtain Work There are many ways people who are homeless and with serious mental illnesses can be helped to integrate in the society and workforce. The following are some of the ways. Underlying Principles In helping homeless people with serious mental problems obtain work, it is important to first of all learn to appreciate them as part of the society. In this manner, any form of rejection is eliminated to ensure that mentally challenged people are treated with respect. On the other hand, training should be done in normal bases so that homeless mentally challenged people don’t feel discriminated.

Rejection or prejudice of any form should be avoided completely to enhance trust and self esteem of the mentally disabled people. Consequently, it is also important to ascertain their level of mental challenge (Phyllis, 1997). Key Services and Supports To make sure that programs for mentally challenged people work out successfully, there is need for provision of key services and supports. For instance, mentally challenged people are in dire need of services like housing to help the homeless ones get shelter (Phyllis, 1997). Hence, the government needs to invest in cheap housing to help homeless people to get shelter for themselves.

Consequently, lobby groups need to sensitize the community against rejection of mentally challenged individuals in the society. This way, business people will not discriminate against mentally challenged individuals. On the other hand stereotypes created in the society because of disabilities would also be reduced significantly. Working with the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency One way the challenge of mental disability is dealt with in the American society is through working with the state vocational rehabilitation agency.

VR agency ensures that mentally challenged persons enjoy various benefits just like their normal counterparts. Purpose and Scope of VR Services VR agency has various services to mentally challenged people. For instance, this group offers mentally disabled people with social security disability funds which help to raise their living standards (State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, 2007). On the other hand, mentally disabled people have to work and gain benefits termed as gainful benefits.

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