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Employment sample essay

Why is employment dead in the water? According to Charles Hugh-Smith’s article “Guest Post: Why Employment is Dead in the Water” employment is dead in the water due to the fact that politicians and government do not understand how to fix the unemployment issue because many of them have never been an employer. The government loaning cheap money does not increase employment. There must be a demand for products. The government giving money to the company to hire new employees or open new factories will not fix the problem if there is not a demand for the products the company produces.

There has to be a market equilibrium in place. The company does not want a surplus in the amount of products they produce. When the demand goes down, the price would also have to go down to maintain equilibrium. See Graph 1 attached showing that Q1 and P1 are at equilibrium. However, if demand goes down, the price would also have to go down resulting in producer surplus. In Milwaukee, the job market is not as lush as it once was. The unemployment rate is up. The manufacturing jobs that were once the main focus of the town, are gone.

Technological changes and outsourcing to other countries have eliminated jobs, creating a structural unemployment. According to Sophie Quinton, who wrote the article “This Is the Way Blue-Collar America Ends”, it would benefit the country to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. A large majority of the people unemployed, especially in the northern regions, is due to manufacturing jobs being eliminated. This relates to the previous article in that even if the government gave money to employ more people in Milwaukee, there aren’t the required skills.

The jobs that are available are either skilled, where there is a requirement for a specific type of education, or they are located where people cannot get to due to bus transportation. This is considered the new normal. The unemployed who do not have the skills to apply for these jobs might become discouraged workers because they feel that they will never be able to find a job without the skills that the employers are requiring that they have.

The government could give as much money as they can to try and help decrease the unemployment rate but if the people do not have the skillset to meet the emand of the employer, the employer will not be able to hire the individuals just to help decrease the unemployment rate because it not beneficial to them. Derek Thompson’s article “Europe’s Record Youth Unemployment: The Scariest Graph in the World Just Got Scarier” talks about the youth unemployment record specifically in Greece and how scary that is for future productivity. The youth do not have job opportunities even though they are highly skilled and able to work the jobs. The jobs just are not there. The skills that these youth possess will diminish because they are not using them due to the lack of jobs.

This is opposite of what was happening in Milwaukee. In Milwaukee, the demand was there but the demand was for skilled workers. In Greece, there is no demand, even though there are plenty of skilled workers available. Mark Bauerlein’s article “What Do U. S. College Graduates Lack? Professionalism” discusses the lack of professionalism of college students. I happen to know someone who is a perfect example of what this article discusses. He went to college, got straight A’s, was on time and never missed a class. He feels entitled to a well paying job.

But no one is knocking on his door. Why is this? The demand for the skills he possesses are not there. This goes back to the article regarding the unemployment rate for the youth. You can have all the skills in the world, but if the demand for those skills is nonexistent, then you will not find the employment you thought you were entitled to. So in contrast to the article, even if you are the perfect student, it does not necessarily mean that you will find the job you are looking for if there is not a demand for your skills.

Let’s say that you wanted to be an artist. You are the perfect college student and you walk away with an art degree. You go and look for an art job but find that there are not any available. If there is not a demand for art, then that degree, no matter how hard you worked for it, does not pay off for you until the art demand goes back up. So for the individuals who did try really hard and worked to be the best they could be, the jobs are not there. Imagine for the ones that did not try their hardest and slacked, the job market will be even harder for them. In Kay S.

Hymowitz’s article “The Plight of the Alpha Female”, it discusses how women do not move up the corporate ladder as much as the men do and the justifications of this. Women in their twenties, before they have children, strive in the workplace. Warren Buffet is rumored to be grooming a 28 year old harvard grad with no children to replace him when he retires. Again, she has no children. The reason women with children are not in higher powered positions is due to the fact that it is no beneficial to them to sacrifice family time to work more hours and make more money.

Family comes first to most women. In the book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg discusses how aggressiveness by women is the key to working the way up the corporate ladder. Sandberg has been able to balance both family life and work life by leaving work at a decent time to have dinner with her family and still works from home in the late hours of the night. Not everyone has this luxury. The article “How America Lost Its Way” by Niall Ferguson discusses how the taxation system and our bureaucracy hampers business.

I agree with the article that taxation and bureaucracy do hamper business. This relates back to the article “Guest Post: Why Employment is Dead in the Water” in regards to demand. The government could reduce all the regulations and improve the bureaucracy and taxation, but if the demand for the products is still not there, it would still not solve anything. We want to have better regulations but it would only be improving if the demand was there. In the article “The Terrifying New Normal” by Victor Davis Hanson, it discusses the theme of the articles.

The government’s loaning cheap money, as discussed in the first article “Guest Post: Why Employment is Dead in the Water”, impacts people who save their money and the elderly as they get close to retirement because earning a low interest rate on their CD’s is not going to keep up with their lifestyle, income, etc. And at the same time, they could be using that money and some of them are apparently trying to use that money to help their children who cannot find employment. They are unable to do this because they cannot earn enough money on their savings due to the governments artificially low interest rates.

The article “Hard Unemployment Truths About ‘Soft Skills’” by Nick Schulz goes back to the article “What Do U. S. College Graduates Lack? Professionalism” in that the lack of skills create structural unemployment. Also, the loss of skills, due to a decrease in demand for jobs, if unused in the employment market will deteriorate over time. The article is stating there are already a number of people who lack the skills needed. It will only perpetuate as skilled people are unable to find jobs and lose the valuable skills they once had.

These problems create a continuous circle where they keep feeding upon themselves. In the article “How to Think About the Minimum Wage” by Megan McArdle, the discussion of the minimum wage actually hurts the economy is discussed. This was discussed in chapter 9 also. Some people who would have been employed if there were no minimum wage will be unemployed now because they lack the skills, even for minimum wage, to get the job. Shown in the article “Hard Unemployment Truths About ‘Soft Skills’”, we saw how fewer and fewer people are able to pass a drug test.

Those employees would not be able to find a job even at minimum wage. Employers would rather have efficiency wages in lieu or raising the minimum wage. This does not take away from the employers profits. They are still able to have a return. “Japan’s Demographic Disaster” by John W. Traphagan specifically talks about Japan’s population decline. The article mentions there are several challenges to this that include not enough young people to pay for pensions for the retired. If the population decreases and there are not enough young people to pay for the elderly, that is a problem.

One of the benefits to the population decline, and that relates back to the other articles that we have read, is that you can import a lot of skilled workers to increase their population to offset the lack of young people. This would also help with the unemployment rate. Other countries can bring the skills needed to fill the jobs. One of the drawbacks would be that it is harder to incorporate them into the culture. “Where Have All The Babies Gone” by Joel Kotkin and Harry Siegel describes what is happening to the economy due to the lack of population growth.

Young people do not see the opportunity to have a child as a positive economically because they might not have a job or skills that could get them a high paying job. This results in the population decline shown in the article about Japan. The impact this could have on the job market for women could force the male job market to decline. Women are having children less and less, creating more women to not have their family as their number one priority. The job would come first. The women could work more and more their way up the corporate ladder and give their male counterparts competition. ‘Paycheck Fairness’ Will Mean a Paycut for Men” by Carrie Lukas discusses how traditionally women have not made us much income as men. For political gain, political parties are trying to push issues for women and one of those issues is to make it a law that men and women earn the exact same amount. The reason for this push is to gain the support of women because women are starting to become a larger percentage of the population. By women becoming more aggressive in the workforce, it will push out the men from the higher positions.

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