Ethical And Environmental Factors sample essay

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Ethical And Environmental Factors sample essay

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The state of Belina is situated in the sub-Saharan region. The countries in the sub-Saharan region have suffered a lot for many years. Most African countries in the sub-Saharan parts have been depicted to be suffering heavily due to the low industrialization level in the region. The transformation of country’s economics together with the changes of living standards of the people begin with education, which is brings about technology changes. Education in the region has been low with just most people attaining the elementary education.

There are a few elites with higher education whom the state hope would transform their states. (Williams, 2004. pp 95) The governments of the sub-Saharan states have encouraged their investors by offering them favoring production and investment terms. As the past investment reveals, the investments which have been conducted in the African countries has adversely affected them. There is unfathomable damage and disadvantages which have been created as result of industrial development within many African states.

This ranges from the high rates of there natural resource exploitation as well as human labor exploitations to the adverse environmental changes they have implicated. Davidson, 1992, pp402) Despite all the investment made within the sub-Saharan countries, energy investment has received low investors. Due to the low energy production in the region the majority of the people in the region are believed to be subjected to abject poverty. As the people within the region suffer a lot, the energy scarcity has contributed to the low economic growth. Introduction

The energy demand has eminently risen in many countries allover the globe over the mid and the last century. This has been as result of rapid developments in the industrial sector as well as in the revolution in technology. Besides this industrialization factor, the state population has also increased several folds. The state populations have been increasing in high rate, thus it has multiplied more than 4 times between 1985 and 2005. The energy demand has increased twelve times within this particular period. This has lead to the government and other individuals to embark on more resources for energy.

This indicates the important aspect the country men leaders attaches to the energy production. The people from the sub-Saharan countries such as the belina community should be cautious of the environmental impact that any industrial development might have in there livelihoods. Many people have developed technologically leading to industrialization, but the development which has been done also turned out as draw backs to future generations. The American and the United Kingdom states such as Germany and the Japan are such developed countries which are currently savaging from such development.

This is because any technology which is introduced within the state should perpetually yield positive more advantages than its disadvantages. (Munasinghe, 2005, pp 35-48) The effects of energy productions plants are similar to those of other processing and manufacturing plants. While the industrialized countries are savaging from great environmental pollution, there has been campaigns on environmental control. The impacts of environmental pollutions are globally felt. The energy producer companies and the consumers companies of such energies have both been major contributors to the scourge felt.

As the effects of global warming are being felt, the sub-Saharan countries seem to be in worse hit. This is because global warming has affected the good climatic conditions under which they have thrived in economics means. This climatic change has been associated with the industrialized countries of which most of them are much far from the continent. Due to the above consideration, the government of belina has an obligation of considering such campaigns of eliminating and discarding the energy companies interested in investments that has got inadequate pollution control measures.

For this reason, the government has to view those companies having the utilization of old traditional methods as environmentally unfriendly and also some of those modern technology methods which are not renewable. Energy sources and their effects The old traditional energy sources have greatly led to the advancement of our production. They have been credited for they have enabled men to the discoveries which were fundamental for high productions. However, this old traditional methods of energy sources have now created another milestone of environmental clean up.

The major traditional energy sources which are available range from the fossils to wood and to some extent the reactive elements used in the nuclear powers. These have continued for long being in use, and even today, they form ninety percent of the energy produced and consumed world wide. The application of energy resources such as coal, natural gas, petroleum products as well as uranium have for long been used. These are all non-renewable sources which have high risk of depletion besides high hazards to the environment and the people handling them.

The fossils fuels have only been of continued used initially as they were plentiful and inexpensive. However, these advantages are no longer valuable as there are other means for which energy has been produced cheaply and with consistency. Usually, the consumption of these substances and their products has now been a major risk to the country consuming them. The consumption of these substances has generated numerous air pollutants and other air by-products which have lead to global climatic changes. Coal as energy resources take millions of years to be formed.

Despite this, it is historically disputed as a threat to the miners/ workforce and also as an environmental hazard. While petroleum has served for long in the transportation systems and other industrial sectors like manufacturing of plastic and synthetic fabric, it has also posed greater dangers to the environment of our people. The spillage which may occur within the seas and rivers during its transportation to the power plants creates a lot of stress and tension to the environment. This significantly destroys our rivers, seas and marines live, hence the whole aquatic live.

This not only affects the water ecosystems but they also leading to endangering the human life through food chain systems. The natural gas products are also enormously boosting both agricultural production and our health through their application in the medical systems. Although the natural gas seems to contribute much towards environmental conservation, the methane gas has got enormous effects which relates to the greenhouse effects. (Hall and Mao, 1994, pp 234) The non-renewable fossil energy sources are indiscriminately disastrous to the environment.

The extraction of these fossils causes many changes to the soil structures hence causes disturbances to the soil. Apart from affecting the soil and its inhabitants, the method of extraction causes disturbances in the water systems, which my lead to diversion of the water ways making a particular region to experience unexpected dryness water scarcity while other part enjoys plenty of water availability. Vegetation and other significant resources are not spared either and this perhaps affects the whole ecosystem of the region which may act as tourism attraction centre.

The twentieth century has endeavored to utilize the technology advances on combating with the problem of limited energy. Undoubtedly the discovery of the nuclear energy was a period of great hope to the world. Many individuals thought that nuclear energies would save the world from its limited natural resources as elements are quite abundant. The believed results turned out as unfulfilling very soon. Just after the introductory of this energy production technique, numerous fearful cases were reported allover the world.

As with the Japanese case, many countries were apprehended with awesome fear as the enormous disaster left behind with the prolong killing of people. As well known, any excess without control is dangerous. Due to excess energy that is generated, the nuclear energy mistakes left thousands of the Japanese killed and many others injured. The state is also suffering from this long historical happening even after heavily assistance to curb the radiation effects. Many are born disabled due to affected human molding factors.

The non-renewable based companies may thus find no way of solving the Belina problem of energy crisis. (Ministry of Water, Energy and Mining, 1988, pp 16) The struggle for the belina energy shortage takes the alternative energy sources. This adopts the issues of renewable energy sources. The Belina is positioned within the advantageous positions of the world. The fact that Belina lies in the sub-Saharan region; there is an immeasurable advantages over other countries which lies in the far ends of the artic and Antarctic of the globe.

Being in the sub-Saharan region, it has the full advantage of utilizing the major world energy sources which is believed as the sun. The state does not have to succumb to the developed states demands on favors which will bring them more future life uncertainty. However, the country would need to tap the solar energy which is availed for twelve plus hour in a day. The use of this energy has not only been praised for its natural occurrence but it has been environmentally friendly. It is the best natural occurring clean energy in spites of its limited amounts that depend on the intensity of the sun.

Furthermore, solar plant installation clears only a minute piece of land affecting a few vegetation cover. (World Bank, 1989, pp 23) Windmills have transformed the lives of many people living in the sub-Saharan and sub-Saharan states. Windmill energy production is thus a rapidly growing energy sources, this is thriving well in places where wind is freely blowing such as the ones experienced in the Belina. The wind blowing along the ridges and others part are potentially trapping position of energy to the industries.

This would mitigate the lives of the communities by enhancing economic growths while maintaining the low effects which are short lived such as vegetation clearing on the wind pathways. Although, this may affect the country economy, it is anticipated the most hit sector is the tourism which depend on birds as their attraction means. The killing of such birds by the blades of turbines is quite minimal as compared to the energy non-renewable sources (Ministry of Water, Energy and Mining, 1988, pp 16)

As the country come to the culmination of industrialization leading it to the level of developed state, the urban centre would be highly populated more than the cities are packed now. This will lead to an unimaginable sanitary state of the city environment. The living places of the people are now ravaged and littered with garbage from fruit refuse and other organic plant litters. This is making the people to live barely struggling to breathe for pure oxygen. This poses great threat of health hazards to the people. The chances of endemic and epidemic are now in the verge of being rampant in the region.

But, with the modern technology, the people in the cities and other metropolitan can be saved with the utilization of the refuse both for the energy production and for economic agricultural production through soils enrichment. It will be a prime reason for not investing on others energy forms while refuse is indirectly and directly disseminating diseases to the population of the nation (Johansson, 1993, pp 96-118) The investment in bio-fuel and other biomass degradable materials has lead to the production of products such as gasohol, gasoline and many other products.

The products have been a means of saving the countries from the energy crisis which is associated to the over dependency on non-renewable energy sources. Apart from their application by other states as energy alternative, they have an impact on the maintenance of stable prices of the products from the factories, making the products affordable to the consumers in poverty stricken states such as those in the sub-Saharan regions. (Sokona, 2002, pp 145) Conclusion The energy crisis and shortage to countries in the sub-Saharan region has contributed to the persistence of great suffering of the people due to poverty high level.

However, the investment on energy production to solve the problem should be a careful process that does not impact adversely both in the environmental factors as well as in the ethical factors. The traditional energy sources have been major contributors to the worse economic conditions of the people in the sub-Saharan states. This can thus be altered by the adaptation of the energy production methods which are renewable.


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