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Greek Mythology and Gods Essay

What is mythology, The mythology is what man kind tries of findings and explanation of nature and all sort of universal actions such as thunders, earth quakes, winds, stars, darkness, seasons etc. The differences of Greek mythology the Greek mythology is more like human based. They were using human forms for their gods appearance instead of unusual creators in Egyptian mythology. Although only in Greek mythology the universe did create the gods not the gods created the universe. Also the Greek mythology doesn’t set on fear. Human should have no fear of creators or devils or giants what so ever.

Because all those evil creators killed by heroes and gods and made world clear for human to live. The reason of mythology and using subject To control the natural phenomena To bind the clans, tribes, or nation together To record historical events To give basic geographic information To set examples for peoples behaviour To justify a social structure Greek mythology does not tell us about early man kind but tell us about early Greek life First event of Greek mythology is Iliad by Homer. He lived 1000 BC. And the Iliad contains earliest Greek literature. Classic Greek mythology was not interested with astrology Priest was not important at all.

Even the poets was more important than the priest. One story in Odyssey the hero spares the poet but kills the priest. The Greek mythology set literature of Europe and democracy and science Greek mythology was not a place for terror for human. The Greek mythologists transformed a world from full of fear to full of beauty Greek mythology nothing to do with religion. It all about how world an universe become in existence As example the reason of volcano erupts are imprisoned terrible creator. Other example Zeus hurls his thunder bolt when he gets angry. The Greek gods lived in Olympus which is high mountain in Greece.

Although they lived like human but they were mortal and they could do more than what human could. They eat, they trick another, they drink, been in affair as human do Greek could have fun with the stories about their gods THE TITANS AND GREAT OLYMPIANS The titans also called elderly gods. There were many of them but only few of them appears on stories of mythology. At the beginning there was only chaos, then erebus appeared. Then some how love born and brought the stars in order. Once there was a light and day. After light and day Gaea ( appeared ) then erebus slept with night who gave a birth to daily earthly light.

and the earth gave a birth to Uranus. Then they create the 3 Cyclopes and hecatocheries 8hundred hands fifty heads ) and twelve titans. And Gaea mother earth and coronus set a trick to Uranus coronus chopped has father Uranus’s penis with Stone sickle. and Uranus’s blood fell into ocean and became giants, from his genitals that fell into sea Aphrodite occurred. Coronus became the next ruler and he imprisoned the Cyclopes with hundred hands. But with the curse of his father Uranus, he was destined to loose against his son Zeus. The names of twelve titans Coronus Rhea Oceans Tethys Hyperion Theia Mnemosyne.

Themis Coues Phoebe Crius Iapetus (Atlas ) THE GODS ZEUS. Became supreme ruler by fighting against his father Coronus and the titans. He was lord of the sky. That means if you can control sky you can control whole world as well. He was more powerful than all divinities together. He was represented as a man always falls in love with a woman after another. also he was acting as normal man would, like hiding his affairs from his wife, which is from hear. And his behaviour also caused many disasters for human kind. His bird was Eagle His tree was Oak His oracle was Dodona He was responsible for the justice, his power was controlling the nature.

His most powerful weapon was the thunderbolt. For that reason he was the most feared god in Greece. first information was written by Hesiod Deep note, Zeus had same prophecy as coronus had so he swallowed Metis his wife to stop it. HERA. Zeus’s sister and his wife. She was the goddess of marriage. Also protector of heroes. Hera’s daughter was helping the women who gives birth. She was very jealous also her jealousy and anger cause Trojan war. Her favourite city was Argos. Cow and peacock was sacred to her. POSEIDON. the ruler of the sea. and second highest god after Zeus. He was also very important for Greeks.

He had a golden car. he was commonly called the earth shaker. Bulls and horses were his animals. HADES. He was ruling the underworld. Also he was the ruler of death but he wasn’t dead. He was god of wealth too. He was controlling precious metals. He could be invisible with his Helmut. He was not an evil god. PALLAS ATHENA ( MINERVA ) she was the daughter of Zeus. She sprang from Zeus’s forehead. She was a battle goddess. Zeus trusted her because she had no mother. That’s why she could have Zeus’s awful aegis and his thunderbolt. She was defending home, civilised life, handcrafts and agriculture.

Her tree was olive ( olive tree was created by her) her city was Athena her bird was owl PHOEBUS means brilliant or shining ( APOLLO ) son of Zeus born in Delos. He called the most Greek. Because he had beautiful figure, he was god of truth, the master musician, he played golden lyre, healer,. Basically he had most pretty and ethically good features that every one would like to be, so Greeks called him with that name to honour themselves. He was also called wolf god. Apollo’s oracle played very important place in the stories because of always truth words were coming from them. Castalia was his sacred place, chephisus was his river.

His tree was laurel his sacred animals cow and dolphin but also many creatures. ARTEMIS (Diana ) also called Cynthia. twin sister of Apollo. She was one of the maiden goddess, she was the lady of wild things. She was the protector of youth, she was the moon in the sky that’s why she used to call Selene ( Luna ), on earth she was Artemis, goddess of the dark and she had evil magic and she was an awful divinity. APHRODITE (Venus) the goddess of love and beauty, she was the wife of Vulcan. Myrtle was her tree the dove was her bird, the sparrow and swan too, she married with Zeus’s force.

Cyprus was her sacred place, that’s why she called Cyprian or Cythera as well. Her absence would cause no love or no joy. Rose also was her flower. She had a deadly and destructive power over men. HERMES he was the Messenger of Zeus. He had wings on his sandals and crown. Because he was so fast that’s why he was the Messenger and master thief too. His first thievery was the day the day he born. He stole Apollo’s lyre. He appears in stories more than any other gods and goddesses its because of his duty as a Messenger of gods. he was the god of commerce and protector of traders. ARES is the god of war.

Homer calls him murderous, blood stained curse of mortal he was coward because he would have run away when he wounded. He was the lover of Aphrodite in one story. He was not important god as Apollo or Hera. His bird was vulture. He has no cities. HEPHAUSTUS the god of fire also he was the god of smith and he was doing furniture’s and weapons in his work shop. he was kind peaceful and loving god and married with Aphrodite. All city organisations admitted to Hephaestus. He was the ceremony god too. HESTIA ( Vesta ) she was the sister and virgin goddess as Athena and Artemis. She played no part in myth.

She was the goddess of heart. Every meal offered to her and the fire was the cities heart connected to Hestia. Protector of home and family. The paradox about Hestia she was the first swallowed child of coronus that’s why she came out last from Cronus’s stomach when Zeus poisoned him. The maiden gods are Athena, Hestia. Artemis and they were immune to spell of Aphrodite. THE LESSER GODS OF OLYMPUS The most important of them was EROS. Homer does not know about him. Eros idea came with Plato the Greek philosopher not by a poet He is the god of love. For Plato Eros make his home in men’s heart but not in every man.

With the idea of Plato Eros was exist and he was the companion of Aphrodite. Later poets were telling that he was Aphrodite’s son. And he was very naughty or even worse. IRIS the goddess of rainbow. And Messenger of the gods in Olympus. THE GRACERS grace sisters. Aglia euphrosyne and thalia. They treated as in one. they were cheering the gods with their dance to Apollo’ lyre. The man they visited was happy. Hebe : The god of youth, daughter of Zeus. She married to Hercules THE MUSES SISTERS they were nine of them. and they were also same as the graces and count as one. Muses were a holly gift to the men.

Because when they sing, for a man has sorrow and grief in his soul he would be free from all thoughts and forgets his troubles. In later times each had her own special field. THE GODS OF WATER Poseidon was the lord of the sea. The Mediterranean (friendly sea) and the black sea (unfriendly sea) also underground rivers too. Ocean a titan and was the lord of the river ocean. That was the great river encircling the earth. Neresus he called THE OLD MAN OF THE SEA a trusty god and gentle. For Hesiod he was thinking kindly thoughts and never lies. Triton the trumpeter of the sea

Proteus he had the power foretelling the future and of changing of his shape. The naiads they were the nymphs of the water. They dwelt in brooks and spring. UNDER WORLD Tartarus and Erebus: Tartarus deeper of the two Erberus was the dead pass as soon as they die. In Homer under world is shadowy place inhabited. Nothing real and is like a miserable place. Charon ferries the death cross the water only who buried duly with passage money on their lips. Cerberus guard dog of underworld with 3 head and dragon tale. Who let the dead enter but doesn’t let ever out again. Styx the river of unbreakable oath by which gods swear.

Lethe the river of forgetfulness, Phlegethon the river of fire. The Enries placed by Virgil where the evil once get punished. DEMETER. The goddess of the corn and she is happy goddess of the summer. Mother of Persephone. She has great importance for the Greek and the roman mythology. The great temple was in Elesius built for her. DIONYSUS. The god of the vine. Also has a big importance fort he roman and the Greek mythology. The dramas set for him and he is the only god could die and come back. Also he brought his mother from death. Pan goat headed ugly but happy god. He is the god of the wilds and the shepherds and the forests.

Silenus: He was associated with Bacchus as well as with pan. He was always drunk. Castor and Polux: the protectors of the sailors. The Satyrs: Like pan they were goat-men/ The Centura half man half horse /The Gorgons dragon like creatures. / Gralae 3 grey woman , they had only one eye between them. THE ROMAN GODS Minerva ( Athena) Venus(Aphrodite) Mercury (Hermes) Diana (Diana) Vulcan(Hephaestus) Ceres (Demeter) Apollo and Pluto (Hades) Saturn (Zeus) Dionysus (Bacchus) . THE STORIES DEMETER ( CERES) the goddess of corn and fertile. Persephone her daughter kidnapped by Hades the ruler of underworld.

She was very sad and after long time she find out that her daughter was with Hades. But all that time she was sad so the earth effected by the sadness of her. It did cause no wheat or cereal was growing so the man kind was suffering and facing with famine. The gods wasn’t happy with that and Zeus interfere with the situation. They made arrangement that Persephone was going to stay 6 month with Demeter 6 month with Hades. That cause the winter n summer. Although every year they do festive for honour of Demeter in autumn. DIONYSUS (BACCHUS) Dionysus was the last god entered to Olympus.

Coz he was son of Zeus n his mother was mortal n he was semi god. Thebes was the city of Dionysus where he born from his mother Semele. She was unfortunate woman because of Hera. Zeus loved her n promised her about Styx river unbreakable oath that he could do anything that she wants. She asked him to see his thunder bolt which is Hera put that in her mind so Zeus did it coz he could not break his oath. She died because of the burning light of thunder bolt so Zeus saved his so Dionysus. So god of vine was born from fire and nursed by rain as hard burning heat that ripens the grapes and rain keeps them plant alive.

One day he was captured by pirates, they chained him n he didn’t fight back. Just watched them. Only helmsmen were thinking that he could be god n he cried for him n tell the others set him free. No one listened him. N Dionysus became a lion n all crew went of the board but instantly each of them became a dolphin part from helmsmen coz he was a good man.

From his stories we can say the god of wine is beneficent and also can be cruel. It is really suits the god of wines personality as in effect of alcohol that also the same. How the world was created First there was only darkness and death. After love was born. and love created light with it’s companion Radiant day.

No one could explain how all happened it just happened. After love and light earth appeared HOW THE MANKIND WERE CREATED The first creatures were three different kind. Hundred handed and fifty heads they were three. Other three is Cyclopes. And the titans. After the Olympians came from titans. And the gods (Olympians) battled with the titans n took the power. The only titan helped the gods was Prometheus. Story 1: The wise Prometheus chosen to create a man.

But his brother Epimetheus gave all good things to the animals. So there was not much left. Prometheus decide to create human in the form of gods so it would be honourable for human. And animals had all protection as such as wings fur paws etc so he gave to the human the fire to use. Story 2 : gods themselves created the man. A) golden race which they were mortal but lived like gods with no sorrow of heart. they were below the gods but after they die the were becoming a pure spirit and guards of living men. B) silver race: they had so little intelligence they could not keep injure each other.

their spirits did not live after they die. C) brass race: they were terrible men and such a lover of war and violence. D) god like heroes: who fought in glories wars and went on great adventures. After they die they departed to isles of the blessed that they lived forever. E) iron race: which is still now upon the earth. They lived in evil time so very normal that they are evil too. Golden age there was only men, no women. Zeus created the woman called Pandora and she is the first woman on earth. Zeus created Pandora for punish Prometheus because of his love and interest about the men.

Anger of Zeus wasn’t only because Prometheus had stolen the fire for men ; he also tricked Zeus as hiding good part of the sacrifices from Zeus by wrapping the bones with fat and made Zeus chose the bad part. Pandora names meaning is the gift of all. Curiosity of Pandora(women) coz lots of trouble to the world and the men. She was giving a box and spouse to not open but she couldn’t resist and opened it then all bad things came out of it such as plague, suffer, disease ,sorrow . only one good thing left was hope. Punishment Of Prometheus. The reasons of it ; 1) stealing fire 2) trick on Zeus with the bad part of sacrifice.

(bones and fat) 3) the prophecy about Zeus that who will kill Zeus known by Prometheus. The conditions made by Zeus to release the Prometheus were 1) one immortal should die for him 2) a mortal need to win the battle against eagle and kill it. Destroying the iron race Zeus finally decide to destroy the iron race and with his brother Poseidon’s help he sent a flood over the world with nine days rain. Obviously Prometheus knew about flood so he told his son Deucalion to build a chest(ship) Deucalion and Pyrrha his niece were in it and they land on the only clear part of earth from flood was Parnassus.

Zeus weren’t angry of the event because them two the survivals were faithful prayers to the gods. Then later on there were no one else and they find the temple top ray to the gods for other people so they heard a voice telling them to break the Stones. And all Stones that they chopped turn in to a human in order. Europa: kings Sidon’s daughter. Two continents claimed over her. Asia (formed a woman ) that said she born in Asia and she was belong to Asia and the other one was nameless that the declare Zeus would give the maiden to her.

(Europe) Europe’s basket was golden and flowers she was collecting called narcissus, hyacinths, violets and yellow crocus and wild roses. Zeus fell in love with her by cupids shot. Important note about Europe she is also famous in other continents as ion. Polypemus (the Cyclopes) Odysseus and his men had lost while they were on their way back home after the destruction of troy. They came to an island on their way and they decide to sop there for food and drink. He had 12 men. They found a cave n went in the cave and while after the polyp emus came and saw them. He closed the big hence with big rock. No man could open it.

He trapped them and he ate 2 of the men of Odysseus even though they claim that they were the guest of Zeus he was not care. Then Odysseus planed the trick to make him drunk and blind him with the red hot spike while he was sleeping. And very next they polyp emus opened the gate and start waiting for catch them while they would escape. But Odysseus was very clever and hide under the sheep’s instead of run away on top of them. Then he shout back to polyp emus after he escape tell everyone that who blind you with arrogance. Flower myths Narcissus very beautiful lady who does not like but himself. He interested with no maiden at all.

Echo was in love with him. Echo was favourite of Artemis but she cursed by Hera not to have power of speak first. She could only repeat what she has been told. Narcissus cursed by nemesis and fall in love with his own reflection of water. And he died there. And the flower bloomed and the nymphs gave his name to those flowers. Hyacinths: Apollo’s companion. He died when they were playing the game of throwing the disks. Apollo threw it so fast and killed hyacinths by mistake another story too that zephyr(the west wind) actually caused the death of hyacinths by blowing the disk that Apollo threw and made the disk went faster than spouse to.

He did that so out of jealousy. The place where he died the flower bloomed and of bloodstained grass and made his name known forever. This two stories tell us the spring flowers to appear on spring. Adonis the boy Aphrodite loved a lot. And she gave him to Persephone to look after him. Persephone loved him too. Out of them two Zeus decided in to stay in autumn and winter (6 month) with Persephone, and spring and summer with Aphrodite (6month) one day he died when he was on earth and where his blood dropped the flower appear called as Adonis The love of Cupid and psyche The youngest daughter of a kings three daughters.

She called psyche. And she was even more beautiful than Aphrodite and she was jealous . she told cupid to make her fall in love with on ugly creature. Cupid went to do so but he fell in love with psyche. But psyche didn’t fell in love with him so no men with her. So she was destined to be alone. Her father by Apollo’s oracle told to take her to hill. for wait there her destined husband. And cupid came n pick her up from there. They got married but in one condition that she was not allowed to look at him.

One night she has been forced by her sisters n be came curious about seeing his face for to do that she tried but get caught by cupid n the trust between them already broken. Cupid told her there could be no love when there is no trust. So he left her and she was so upset that she lost the god of love.

To get him back she decide to go n see Aphrodite. But Aphrodite gave her four tasks to do. 1) separate the seeds and ants helped her on this mission. That’s why Aphrodite didn’t count that has accomplished. And gave her another task 2) bring the golden wool. She is given the clever idea by nymph that’s why the task didn’t count by Aphrodite.

Another task giving 3) get some black water of Styx and the eagle helped her this time. Aphrodite wasn’t happy at all so gave her the fourth task 4) bring the box filled with charm by Persephone. While she was taking the box back to Aphrodite she was curious and looked in the box which is she was forbidden and she poisoned by sleep. Cupid came and save her by waking her up from her sleep. And they live happy. Pyramus and Thisbe The mulberry tree was white and turn into red after two lovers mistaken and taken their own life with their own hands. They died under the white mulberry tree. The story is similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Orpheus and Erupice Athena invented the flute but never played. Orpheus was the best musician. Mother side he was more than a mortal. His mother was a muse. After he married with Eurydice she died and he went to underworld and softened the heart of Hades. Hades allowed him to take his wife back to the world but only one condition that he has to walk front and wife needed to follow behind Orpheus. He wasn’t allowed to look back until she leave underworld gate. But soon as Orpheus went out the gate of underworld he turned back to check his wife was there or not. Unluckily she was still behind the gate and he lost her.

Ceyx and Alcyone Ceyx a king in Thessaly was the son of Lucifer. The light bearer. His wife was Alcyone. She was the daughter of wind. (king Aelius) Ceyx had a plan to go cross the sea. And he went into storm while he was sailing. (god of sleep Cimmerians in a deep valley the sun never shines and dusky all things in shadows) Alcyone was praying to Hera and goddess was touched. Morpheus son of sleep god went Alcyone’s dream and she saw him in her dream and he show things about her husband Ceyx’s death. After she cried the gods made them both birds that fly together over the sea since then the sea gets calm in winters for 7 days.

And the days called Alcyone days or Halcyone days. Pygmalion and Galatea. Pygmalion gifted sculpture of Cyprus named Pygmalion. He had felt in love with statue he made. Venus found that interesting and she gave the statue a soul on the feast day of Venus. He was so happy and they had son so they gave him the name Paphos the favourite city of Venus. Baucis and Philemon. The story proves immeasurable power of the gods and their rewards to the humble and the religious people. Zeus and Hermes went into poor human form and they were testing people by knocking their doors and asking for hospitality.

And no one helped them part from the old couple called Baucis and Philemon. They were very poor but still very exited to have guests in their house. Zeus and Hermes was very happy with the treatment they received by this couple and they told them that they were pair of gods. From that point zeus asked them what they want to be rewarded with. Baucis and Philemon said we would like to be your priest and the guardians of temple and also we want to live together and die together. And that wish came through for them. Daphne. She is another person that who hate love and marriage.

She said to been Apollo’s first love. It is not strange that she runaway from Apollo. Because of many other maiden either had to kill her child or killed her self. And that was even worse than death. In other hand she didn’t want any mortal lovers either. She wanted to be virgin like Diana (Artemis). But Apollo saw her and every thing ended for her. Apollo started chasing her and she did start running away from him. She saw her father’s river and she asked help from her father (the river god Peneus). That moment bark (agac kabugu) start enclosing her and leaves were sprouting. She turned into a tree laurel.

Apollo watched the transformation and since then laurel was his tree. Alpheus and Arethusa in Sicily there was sacred spring called Arethusa. She was not a water or water nymph. Arethusa loved hunting and freedom of the forest like Artemis. She did not interest with men. One day she was swimming and she heard a voice and runaway with fear. The voice told her stop and said I am the god of river Alpheus and I love you. But she did not want anything about him or love. Arethusa called her god Artemis and Artemis changed her into a spring of water. And she went to Sicily from Greece by a tunnel under the sea.

But it was not enough to stop Alpheus the god of river. The Quest of the Golden Fleece This is the story of finding the golden fleece without knowing whether it is exist or not. There was no highway part from lakes, rivers and the sea. The story begins with the king Athamas who rired of his wife and left her to get marry another one called princess Ino. First wife Nephele was worried her two children, specially the boy Phrixus. She thought that king’s new wife would kill him to take throne for her son and she was right. She planned to bribe oracle to say the king if Phrixus not sacrificed there would be no crops or corn.

People force to king for phrixus sacrifice. Then the golden fleece take them away. I the story amazons also appear their mother is peaceful nymph Harmony but their father is Ares . Phaeton, the son of sun. He went to visit his father. And he ask to work sun for a day. and it did cause his death. There after he became a poplar tree. Pegasus and Bellerophon after bellerophon killed his brother he left the country he is from and went to the kingdom of Argos the king Proetus. Wife of Proetus fell in love with Bellerophon. But bellerophon had no interest so she was very angry and told her husband that he tried to be with her.

Proetus could not kill him because he was his guest and set a plan to kill him in other kingdom. Proetus sent him to kill a dragon like animal in Lycian kingdom. Before he go he went to oracles and they told him stay one night in temple. When he was sleeping in temple the gods gave him Pegasus. He flew to Lycia and he killed the creature. then king of lycia sent him also to do a task in Amazon. When he finish this and many other task the king made him married with his youngest daughter. After all success he had he start thinking that he is even better than the god.

This thought took anger of gods and they made him fell from Pegasus while he was flying and of course he died after. Daedalus he was the architect who made the labyrinth in Crete. So he help the Athenians to escape from there and there for the king put him in prison in the labyrinth with his son. He found the way again to escape from there and made wings from wax. He told his son not to fly to high because closer the sun would be warm and would melt. But when they were flying away his son didn’t care and flew higher and finally the wings melt and he fell in to the sea and die after.

Perseus King Acrisus of Argos had only a daughter and king went to ask oracles will he able to have a son. They told him no and the worse thing is they said you will be killed by your grand son. So he put his daughter in a deep prison to stop the prophecy. But she had a child from Zeus and she called him Perseus. He had Pegasus and killed Medusa. While after King Acrisus was in athletic contests and the discus thrown by Peseus kild him and prophecy became true. His been killed by his grandson. Theseus is Hercules cousin. He was willing to become a hero quick as possible. He visit his father Aegeus.

Then he went to crete for contest that to kill bull headed creature in Labyrinth that Daedalus made. Ariadne the princes fell in love with him gave the thread to open it when he walks in the labyrinth so he could follow back when he finish his task in there. He killed the bull headed creature and came out. With Ariadne he was coming back to homeland but he forget to put black flag down and put the white one up. So his father could understand he is still a live but his father saw the black flag up and he tought his son was dead. Then he threw him self from the cliff and died.

Since then the sea called Aegean sea. Hercules, Son of Zeus. He was thinking that he is equal to the gods. The reason behind that, the gods needed his help for conquering the giants. He defeat the giants and help gods that even could not do by them selves. It was fortune that no living thing in the air, sea or land could kill him. He could be overcome only by a super natural force. Which is Hera did at the end. He was not intelligent as the other heroes but he was most powerful of them and the only undefeatable one by living. Hera was very jealous and always determined to kill him.

Hera tried to kill him first time when Hercules was a year old. Then she tried till Hercules died. Atalanta The first case concerns a huntress named Atalanta who raced against a suitor named Melanion. Melanion used golden apples to distract Atalanta so that he could win the race. The day, Atalanta born her father abandoned her on a wild mountain. She was taking care by Artemis. She grew by a bear. When she grown her father claim for her and want to marry her. She accept it but only in one condition that is who ever wants to marry with her need to win the foot race.

But if the suitor lose the race they would die. Melanion realized that is no one could defeat her in a normal way so he prayed to Aphrodite. She gave him three golden apple and told him throw them during the race so it could slow Atalanta down. With this trick he won the race and they get married. While after they turned into pair of lions because of upsetting gods. The judgement of Paris. the evil goddess of discord, Eris was not popular in Olympus. There was an important wedding party, that of king Peleus and sea nymph Thetis. All other gods were invited but Eris was not.

She determined to make a trouble and she succeeded. She threw in to the banqueting hall a golden apple marked for the fairest! Of course all goddess wanted it. But at the end only Hera, Aphrodite and Athena remain. They asked Zeus to judge between them. Clever Zeus refused it. He told them to go to Paris for the judgement. He was a shepherd. He was an excellent judge of beauty. Hera promised to make him the lord of Europe and Asia. Athena said that you will lead the Trojan to victory against the Greeks. Aphrodite offered him the fairest woman should be his. And he gave the apple to Aphrodite.

The judgement of Paris was the real reason of Trojan War. The Trojan War: Helen was the fairest woman in the world. She was married with a king of Sparta Menelaus brother of Agamemnon. Aphrodite told him Helen is the fairest women on earth. Paris visited Menelaus and Helen and he took her with himself when he was going back to Troy. Menelaus called upon all Greece to help him in the war against Troy and get his wife back. Also he wanted Odysseus and Achilles with him. the reason behind that Odysseus is the most clever and Achilles was the biggest hero at that time. Odysseus didn’t want to go for a war.

He pretended therefore, as a mental. But the messengers tricked him by taking his sons and threatened him that they would kill them so he obeyed them and he went with them. Achilles also didn’t want to go and therefore he dressed like a woman in palace. And Odysseus tricked him by taking a lot of dresses with pair of guns. When the real girls were interested of the clothes he chose to look at the weapons so Odysseus find out that he was Achilles. Whose side the Gods were? Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis and Apollo was side of Paris, Poseidon, Hera and Athena was side of Greeks. Zeus was neuter.

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