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Importance of Filing a Mileage Pass Essay

There are many importance’s to filing a mileage pass through the company and making sure that your chain of command are certain of where you are going to be when you say you are going to be there. One very good reason is that it can ultimately get the entire chain of command in trouble. In not filling out this form you can have a serious negative impact upon yourself, your family, your chain of command, your unit, life and your overall well being.

By performing this action I directly disregarded my chain of command, gave myself undeserved authority and took it upon myself to go home to Las Vegas, Nevada completely ignoring the fact that there were possible consequences of the ignorant and foolish decision that could have easily been handled had I been responsible enough to make a single phone call or send a simple text to my team leader or any other Non Commissioned Officer in my chain of command notifying them that my girl friend had surprised me with a ticket to come home.

In doing this I would have had the privilege to go home stress free with no worries and enjoy my time knowing that I was doing everything by the rules and regulations of the army over Leaves and Passes. The decisions I made not only affected me but also affected my family, my fiance and my entire chain of command to include my first line supervisor, my other e-5’s , my platoon sergeant, my platoon leader, my first sergeant, my company commander , my battalion sergeant major, my battalion commander, and my entire unit.

The negligent actions that i made affect me in many ways, not being where I said I was going to be and knowing that I am in the wrong bring unnecessary stress and anguish that of getting in trouble. It also could affect me in many other ways such as if I were to get arrested or even assuming the worst, if I were to die while being home and not having the paperwork filled out it could have dire affects upon my family getting my life insurance. Also being out of the mileage that was directed to me could have huge affects upon my work life, my pay, my rank and the way my chain of command look at me.

If I were to get into a freak accident and somehow die and my family was not going to receive my life insurance then I would have left them with nothing more than funeral bills and dead son. I am a very family oriented person, so going over this is my mind and realizing the severity of that fact brings how serious this matter actually is. Another matter is that I get an article 15 under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice because of my irrespinsible actions. If i were to get an rticle-15 under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice action i would have the possiblity of not only losing my pay, my rank and extra duty but also losing the trust of my chain of command and take the risk of being micro managed. AS I look deeper into all of the possible consequences i see that losing my pay for any said amount of time could have devastating affect’s on my car insurance, gas, cell phone bill, ability to replace broken things, going home, relationship with my finace, going home in the future and overall everyday life that I live.

If I were to lose my rank that would have even longer devistating affect’s upon my normal daily living, respect of my peers , my chain of command and the worst off all inhibiting my chances and likeliness of getting promoted in the near future. If i were to get extra duty on top of the loss off my pay and my rank i would be working on all of my time off, where I was supposed to be starting school, studying for the board and getting ahead of my peers in the race to become a Non Commissioned Officer and lead soldiers like I know i am capable of doing.

Not to mention on top of all of these possible actions that could be taken I would lose the trust and responsiblity that they instill in me to do every day normal tasks. Out of all of the consequences this would be the worst of all. I take pride in my leadership knowing that i am responsible and competent enough to take care of tasks efficently, right and in a timely manner while filling them in on the progress the entire time. The actions that i made also affect’s my family in many ways also.

Not only if i were to die and leave them with nothing but the bills for my funeral and death but also the pride that I have in my family and in my name. My family has been in the military as far back as anyone can remember. My Father is in the Navy along with his two brothers my Uncle Pat and my Uncle Todd, My Uncles Mitch is retired now from the Army along with my Moms father, my Grandfather and my Dad’s Father was in the Marines.

I also have a Great Uncle who served in World War II in the Army as a bottom hatch gunner in a B-17 bomber, so the standards that my family holds me to and the expectations they have are held high and I plan to uphold the honor and high expectations that my family deserves and entrust me with by being and setting the standards that a soldier in the United States Army should be held accountable to. In turn not to only lose the trust and responsibility that not only my Non Commissioned Officers and chain of command have with me but also to lose my families trust and xpectations would be the most costly, demeaning and catastrophic punishment of them all. Along with losing the trust and expectations of my Non Commissioned Officers, chain of command and my family I would also put my First Sergeant in a bad spot that he does not deserve. My First Sergeant is responsible of all of the soldiers under his command and if anything were to happen to me or should i get in trouble while being outside of the radius of miles that were designated to me then he would also be involved and held accountable.

Now when my First Sergeant gets involved, that means that he will come down on every single one of my Non Commissioned Officers and they may also be subject to Uniformed Code of Military Justice or any other form of punishment that they do not in any shape or form deserve for my lack of responsibility and good judgment. Then after my First Sergeant, it then falls into the hands of my Company Commander who is the overall leader of the company seeing that everything runs smoothly and gets taken care of in a good and timely manner along with everything being done by the book.

Then it is my Company Commander who comes down upon my First Sergeant and my Non Commissioned Officers for something that they had no control over because a soldier decided to take things into his own hands and make the irresponsible decision to go to Las Vegas, Nevada without a mileage pass giving him permission to go outside of the two hundred and fifty mile radius given to everyone. Then after all the information goes through my Non Commissioned Officers, my platoon leader, my First Sergeant and my Company Commander, then it goes up all the way to the top of my battalion, strait to my Sergeant Major.

My Sergeant Major is not only responsible of my peers, my Non commissioned officers, my First Sergeant, my Company Commander and my entire company but four other companies lower enlisted, Non Commissioned Officers, First Sergeant’s and Company Commanders. My Sergeant Major has all of this responsibility of all of these people and yet he has to worry about one soldier acting out of turn and take his focus off his other duty’s.

Then after it goes through my Sergeant Major, then it goes to my Battalion Commander who is in charge of all of the companies and the soldiers who are in it and see’s that they all run smoothly, gets what they need and ensures that they receive the training they need to complete any mission that the battalion may be tasked with. So now not only am I in a spot and looked down upon my peers, my Non Commissioned Officers, my First Sergeant, my Company

Commander, my Sergeant Major but now the Battalion Commander. Now I have turned myself into the guy who cannot be responsible enough to make a simple phone call or text informing my Non Commissioned Officers of some last minute plans and getting the proper paper work in and the approval needed to go to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is not a position I ever want to put myself in or the kind of person I want to display myself to be, I take more pride in myself and my abilities to do the right thing in any situation.

In turn now that I have put all of this unneccary stress on my Non commissioned Officers, chain of command, First Sergeant, Company Commander, Battalion Sergeant Major and my Battalion Commander , I am also managing to make my entire unit look like it can’t handle itself and that it’s soldiers are undisciplined and can’t be accountable. It only takes one instance of someone doing something wrong to ruin a good name or a good time for someone else. As of right now my Company HHC has a clean record as of our return from Baghdad, Iraq and I do not want to be the one to ruin that for everyone.

Along with that, it only takes one soldier to take the privledge of four day weekend from everyone because four days weekends are a privelege and not a right. Being put in that situation is a real eye opener, I could not imagine being that one guy that takes everyone’s well deserved time for relaxing, spending time with their family and getting back to normal everyday life from them. Yet I still have not covered the possibility of receiving a general or an other than honorable discharge from the United Stated Army and the consequences that could come from such a punishment.

If I were to receive an other than honorable or general discharge from the United Stated Army, my entire working life would be brought to nothing and if I were to find any kind of job I would be working for long excruciating hours making almost nothing. My opportunities that I once had would go right out the window, I would not be able to get any kind of government job, police job or be accepted in any other career field that I would like to pursue or begin.

Nonetheless this is still only just the tip of the iceberg of problems that I will come across, I will lose every single benefit that The United States Army has to offer along with schooling and disability should I get hurt while in the service. In addition to all of that on my list of things that I will be extremely inhibited when trying to accomplish I will also lose all the respect and honor with my family, nothing in this world is more important to me than my family and making them proud.

In turn I will never be able to support a family of my own and no woman on this planet wants to be with a man who cannot support them and make them feel secure in life. This would overall destroy everything that I have ever worked on and strived for, this would put an entire year in a foreign country to waste and ruining all of my goals. It is my goal to strive, succeed, excel and master any boundary, obstacle or challenge that is set before me.

Consequently, by getting an other than honorable discharge or a general discharge from the United States Army, not only will i be ruining my opportunities for a good paying job, losing all of my benefits, schooling, disability, respect and honor with my family, and the opportunities of having a family and wife of my own but i will also be letting myself down. This is something that I could not cope or deal with, I have always finished things strong and fighting till the end and when they were complete it was time to relax.

My enlistment in the United States Army is not nearly finish and not absolutely complete by a long shot so the acts that I have preformed and the responsibilities that I have neglected are unacceptable. I have to pick back up to where I know I can be and soldier like I know I can, my career, lively hood and future depend on it. From the forgoing, all of this ties into being a disciplined, responsible and trust worthy soldier and all of that is a direct display upon the seven Army Values. The seven Army Values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Integrity and Personal Courage.

The first Army Value is Loyalty, this Army Value plays an extremely big part in this situation. The definition of loyalty is bear true faith and allegiance to the U. S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers. Having the loyalty to my peers, my Non Commissioned Officers, my chain of command, my First Sergeant, my Company Commander, my Battalion Sergeant Major, my Battalion Commander and of course my unit is one of the most important things I can abide to. By acting in the manner that I did, I was not acting with loyalty in the least.

I acted on my own and took an undeserved responsibility into my own hands and my actions had no place even being contemplated. I should have been loyal to my Non Commissioned officers especially, they are the ones who are always looking out for me and keeping me from making a mockery of myself in any situation along with always pointing me in the right direction and showing me the proper way to do things when put into a leadership position. I should have shown them the loyalty and trust that they give me instead of acting on my own.

Had I been loyal and trusted my Non Commissioned officers, I know that they would have gotten the situation taken care of and I would have been on my way to Las Vegas, Nevada with no issues. However I acted selfishly and thought only of myself and how I needed to get home, which has absolutely no place in The United States Army. The United States Army is about being a team and working together to achieve a goal. Looking at this and realizing the absolute repugnant actions that I took and I could not be more dissatisfied with myself and the way that I neglected my duty and responsibilities.

The next Army Value is Duty, the definition of duty is to Full fill Your Obligations. In no way shape or form did I full fill my obligations, I acted narcissistically and selfish. It was my obligation and duty to inform my Non Commissioned Officers and my Chain of Command that I would be leaving on a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada to see my family over the four day weekend, however i neglected this and acted upon myself to ignore my duty and obligation and go anyway.

This is unacceptable behavior of a specialist in the United States Army and knowing this to be a fact, I could not be more ashamed of myself and the actions the I so irresponsibly made. I have lower enlisted looking up at me as someone to follow and learn from, and I made an awful example to follow and does not show my leadership capabilities at all and will not be tolerated by myself any longer. It is my duty and obligation to show new soldiers the right and wrong way to do things and I made a vital mistake I will not be making again.

The next Army Value is one of the most important to me and always will be, the Army value is RESPECT. The definition of respect is treat people as they should be treated. I went against this Army Value all the way when I did not give my Non Commissioned Officers and my Chain Of Command even the slightest opportunity or knowledge that I would be going to Las Vegas, NV on the weekend of Thanksgiving. I did not show them respect that they more than deserve and that I owe them.

Respect has always been a huge deal with me all of my life and I have always said I would give anyone the same respect they showed me, however this past weekend I went against everything I have gone by and showed my Non Commissioned Officers and Chain Of Command no respect what so ever. My Non Commissioned Officers have never shown me any kind of disrespect and I should always give them the same courtesy.

By not telling me Non Commissioned Officers that I would be leaving that weekend to go home, I showed them that I do not trust them with small matters as such and therefore not giving them the respect that they have earned with me and more than deserve. This lack of discipline and respect that was exhibited will not happen again. In order to be the Non Commissioned Officer I hope to be, this is something that I must have instilled and engrained to show my soldiers the respect they must have and show.

The next Army Value is Selfless Service, the definition of selfless service is to put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own. In no circumstance during this weekend did I perform the act of selfless service, once again I was selfish and inconsiderate of my Non Commissioned officers and my Chain of Command. I put myself and what I wanted to do before them even though had I brought the situation to their attention it would have been taken care of.

I did not stop think about the consequences of my actions and not only how they would affect me but also how they would affect the others around me, instead I only thought of getting home and having a good time. This was unacceptable behavior on any standard, it was reckless, foolish and in complete deserving of action being taken. I do not know where I would be today had people not been selfless toward me, and the fact that I forget this is astonishing to me. To act so foolishly truly makes me reevaluate where I stand and calls for some thought as to where and who I want to be.

The next Army Value is honor, the definition for honor is to live up to all the Army values, which I have obviously been neglecting and undermining. In this one act I have broken every single Army Value on the list in one way or another, therefore showing no honor in any of the decision I was making when deciding to go to Las Vegas, Nevada without informing my Non Commissioned Officers prior to leaving Fort Riley, Kansas. Under no circumstances should the word honor ever be taken lightly or belittled and given less meaning then it actually holds.

Honor is held for those who act selflessly, always putting others before themselves an upholding or exceeding the standard and expectations that they are held to. Without honor in life you have nothing, you must honor everything that is important to you otherwise you will never have respect for them. In life you must honor your parents, you wife, your elders and those placed ahead of you and try to learn and grow from them. If you show the proper respect and honor your entire life through all endeavors, challenges, issues and obstacles in your way then you will either come out victorious or come out know that the next time will be a victory.

Being honorable will also make you a stronger person and leader, being honorable and living by all of your values will make people want to follow you, learn from you, mentor from you and respect your decisions as a leader. There is no such thing as a leader without honor, leaders have the outcome of every situation and task. Without good leadership for people to follow that they trust and respect everything will fall apart and limit the abilities of the group. Hence honor is definitely at the top of my list on the Army Values.

The next Army value is integrity, the definition for integrity is to do what’s right, legally and morally. Without integrity the other six Army Values loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor and personal courage cannot be performed either. Integrity falls into everyday normal life in every situation you may come across and always doing the right thing even when it is tempting or hard to make the wrong decisions. Hence my extremely dishonest, reckless and incompetent decision to make a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada over Thanksgiving weekend was unacceptable and showed no forms of doing what was right, legally and moral.

Without integrity you might as well just be some random guy off the side of the road in my opinion, because without integrity I do not seeing anyone having a place in the United States Army. To be in the United States Army is also not a given right but a privilege and should be taken in such manner. It is no less than the greatest honor and privilege to serve in the world’s greatest military fighting force serving along side of the world’s best trained and disciplined soldiers.

In addition, to be in the world’s greatest military fighting force and serving along side of the world’s best trained and disciplined soldiers, you must have integrity to be one of them. Integrity is one of the biggest factors of a good working, smooth flowing, efficient and cohesive squad, platoon, company and unit. Without the integrity of the squad, platoon, company and unit, no one would ever trust each other to do anything and there would be inevitable failure in anything the squad, platoon, company and unit tried to accomplish.

Everything in life relies on trust and integrity of others around you, especially in the United States Army and all of the other military branches of service. All of the military branches of service in the United States of America are tasked with protecting, defending and seeing that no harm comes to the country. Another thing that integrity directly affects is how you will be looked at upon either becoming a leader or how you already lead and do people trust what you say when it not only comes to the small decisions but the huge decisions as well.

Having integrity will always affect you upon how your leadership looks at you upon your time to be promoted and become a Non Commissioned officer or go up in the Non Commissioned officers ranks. To be a Non Commissioned Officer should in no way be taken lightly, they are supposed to be more professional than anyone along with also being the leader of soldiers and if leadership feels that you are lacking integrity in even the simplest of decisions they will for sure inhibit your chances of being promoted.

Then already are a Non Commissioned Officer and you have no integrity then not a single soldier will want to follow your lead or commands. Hence not only are you letting yourself down but you’re also letting down you soldiers and showing them the wrong way to do things by not showing them that integrity is vital in being a soldier in the United States Army. Young soldiers brand new to the United States Army have only the slightest idea of what is wrong and what is right or acceptable and when they see a Non Commissioned Officer acting out of hand or doing the wrong thing, they follow that example and learn from it.

As a Non Commissioned Officer it is one of your main duties and focuses to show the right example, train, lead and get your soldiers ready to become a Non Commissioned officer themselves and by showing them a poor example for a Non Commissioned Officer is only setting them up for inevitable failure in the future. Therefore integrity holds an extremely large and dire portion in everyday life of a soldier in the United States Army. The next Army Value is personal courage, the definition of personal courage is to face fear, danger, or adversity [physical or moral].

Personal courage is the last and final Army Value and definitely one of the most important by far, is has to do everything with facing the things that you fear even though you might not know the outcomes and rising above the challenge or obstacle. In addition, personal courage shows that you can be counted upon in any situation thick or thin, right or wrong and that you will be there in help or support. Therefore when I took it upon myself to simply fly to Las Vegas, Nevada for Thanksgiving weekend without telling anyone I took the cowardly way out of the situation.

I was afraid of what my Non Commissioned Officers, Chain Of Command, First Sergeant and Company Commander were going to say, so I took what I believed to be the easy way out. However this was not the easy way out of this situation, it was the cowardly way to handle the problem. I should have put the trust and respect into my Non Commissioned officers, Chain Of Command, First Sergeant and Company Commander that they deserve and told them exactly what my plans were and exactly where I would be headed that weekend.

This is a decision that I will not be making again and regret ever even thinking about. This decision that I made could also have rippling affects upon my promotion to Non Commissioned Officer in the near future. My Non Commissioned Officers, Chain Of Command, First Sergeant and Company Commander must all know that I can show personal courage in any situations, especially grave ones. Especially as a 19D Cavalry Scout I am expected to lead my soldiers into battle against any odds and have the courage to make the right decisions to get my men out alive.

Hence my performance this weekend did not show my capabilities of having the courage to make hard decisions under stress and show my leadership my capabilities and the leader that I know I can be. It is my number one goal to make Non Commissioned Officer before I get out of The United States Army and get ahead in life when it comes to choosing my career in the civilian side of life. Another advantage to becoming a Non Commissioned Officer is that I will be in great standing with my family and I will carry on the tradition of leading soldiers in the United States Military.

In conclusion to the situation based upon the seven Army Values, even though I only made one bad decision to go to Las Vegas, Nevada over Thanksgiving weekend, I broke and dismantled every Army Value that I am supposed to live and base my Army career upon. Never again shall I disgrace The United states Army in such a way or put myself in the situation that I have so ignorantly made. I realize now all of the possibilities and consequences that may have arisen from my lack of the seven army values, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor. ntegrity and personal courage along with my neglect and lack of responsibility of my decisions. This is something that I cannot afford to do and should have never even contemplated doing in the first place. I was on the verge of letting down not only myself but my peers, my Non Commissioned Officers, my Chain Of Command, my First Sergeant, my Company Commander, my Battalion Sergeant Major, my Battalion Commander, my unit 1-63 Armored Battalion but also my family. This is something that I could not bring myself to face and would look down upon myself for the rest of my life for.

I could have changed the course of my entire life from the day i made the decision to go to Las Vegas, Nevada all the way until my last day alive. I realize now the severity of taking things that are out of my control into my own hands and acting out of hand. This decision will not ever be made again and from this day on I will not act upon myself, but go through the proper procedure of getting things taken care of and trusting in my Non Commissioned officers, my Chain of Command, my First Sergeant and my Company Commander because they have yet to steer me in the wrong direction and have always shown the right way to do thing and how to act.

Never again will I take my life, career and service in the United States Army for granted in any way what so ever. From now on I will take the proper steps that are necessary to getting things taken care of without skipping steps or taking short cuts. I have learned my lesson now and see the wrong in my actions and will perform and act in the manner that I know I am more than capable of doing.

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