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Importance of integrity sample essay

In most occasions, different individuals prefer to use lies instead of the truth, so as to get away with their various acts in the given situations. In our modern society the lies have taken a central position, and the truth has been shunned as it is considered less important in the various situations, that an individual is likely to encounter in life. That being the case, issues have emerged as to whether there is any importance of integrity which is also termed as the truth, for the sake of the reputation of a person.

This essay will analyze the importance of integrity for the sake of the name of a person, who is a professional graphic designer. Definition of integrity Integrity is considered as one of the core values, which most societies uphold so as to encourage proper growth and development of individuals in the society. The proper growth and development of an individual will, thereafter improve the quality of live of the other people, and for the person as an individual in the society.

As defined in (Damian et al 2003) integrity involves a person maintaining consistency in his or her actions, principles as well as expectations and values amongst other acts like the methods and measures of carrying out various human actions. Integrity of a person is assessed, whether the person is being observed by others or not. It is thus a comprehensive way in which the quality of a person’s acts are judged, on the basis of the potential of a person to achieve his or her own objectives in life, when the person acts out of his own freewill.

In most occasions a person’s values can form a good basis of identifying his or her integrity, as the values can be easily be assessed in relation to the different life situations, a person can experience at any given point in time. In relating the person’s acts and values in particular situations, the value system of a person can be changed if the person is able to do away with the acts, which display any forms of inconsistencies. Integrity is thus assessed for both big and small actions, which a person undertakes at any given point in life, encompassing the whole life of a person (Damian et al 2003).

On the other hand, integrity can be defined as to include honesty in a person’s actions and also a sense of truth, which can be related to the motivations that a person receives to conduct various actions. In occasions where integrity is used to define the good acts of a person, hypocrisy can be used to describe a person’s actions, which do not seem to conform to the determined value system. It can thus be concluded that, integrity is the ability of a person to do actions, which any rational person could consider to be the right thing to be done at any given situation (Damian et al 2003).

Importance of integrity Integrity is one of the most important ingredients, which are required so as to enable the modern society deal with the most, if not all of its problems. When the modern society is analyzed and the various challenges, that individuals have to undergo so as to live a better life. It has been established that individuals experience problems in their love relationships, friendships and even at their places of work like in graphic design, as a result of lack of integrity in the ways in which the various action decisions are formulated and implemented.

Lack of integrity has thus has lead to the widespread of all forms of problems in the society. This is very much evident in the political systems, the religious arena, and even in the business environment (Damian et al 2003). Though some times the society seems to consider some lies as necessary for the survival of an individual in the society, in reality the lies that a person makes each and every time in his or her life makes a person to pay dearly. The payments are for the consequences and costs, which arise from the actions of lying.

Such costs and consequences, that a person is likely to experience include stress and depression related issues, low self esteem and other forms of diseases, which could arise from the situations involved in graphic design (Damian et al 2003). Truth and the sense of a person’s integrity (Damian et al 2003) are the very important aspects in the existence of an individual, which will influences positive development of a person. Eventually this will enable a person to achieve various personal goals and objectives in graphic design, which will increase the self esteem of that person.

By being able to achieve most of the personal goals and objectives in graphic design, a graphic designer will be able to achieve happiness in life. In that manner, a person who has integrity is considered as one who is able to exercise honest in every part of his or her life, and honest will ensure that the person achieves success in life, that will lead to happiness. Integrity can be used to define a character of a graphic designer, that relate to persistence and intelligence among many others like courageousness.

It is considered that the various choices in values, which a graphic designer makes every time, are linked to his or her integrity which enhances the development of all the other values. If a graphic designer is able to live well to those values, then he or she will be considered of high integrity. When he or she is able to uphold integrity in his various actions, the person will have an unquestionable character in every aspect of his or her life, which could make others to have trust in his or her actions.

This is of benefit to a person so as to create stable relationship with other persons in the society, which could enable the person to develop in all the aspects of his or her life. Growth and development of a person in most cases is linked with the level of interactions, which exist between the people and an individual in the society. The quality of interactions is enhanced by trust, which is demonstrated by others towards the person, making the sharing of information be a value based channel (Damian et al 2003).

As integrity is considered the basis of the formation of a person’s character, integrity has to begin from an individual by being able to remain consistent with his or her actions, and being truthful to his or her personal self. Personal integrity will then be exercised to others this is because it becomes very easy for a person to maintain integrity to others when the person is honest and truthful to himself (Damian et al 2003). On the other hand (Damian et al 2003) a graphic designer who exercises integrity in his or her life is able to achieve high performance standards, in whatever the person will carry out.

Such a person is always honest with his own personal self in anything, which he or she will do. As part of his or her value system will struggle to achieve excellent performance standards in all the possible situations as the person could like to maintain a consistent character. If you are a person of integrity you will be able to attract many people and different circumstances, which conform to your personal values and beliefs. This demonstrates that, what you will be able to achieve in your entire life is linked to what you are as a person.

In that manner if there are things that come to your life as a person be it relationships and work, that do not make you happy they can be changed by, changing first your characters which will then change then enable you start attracting people and life situations, that will make your life more happy than before. This is based on the agreed law of attraction, of a person to various things and persons in life (Damian et al 2003). As discussed in (Damian et al 2003) a person’s integrity is illustrated in the person’s willingness, to commit his or her various actions to the values, which form a critical part of the person’s life.

In that manner the various promises, that a person makes each and every time will determine the integrity of that person, especially when it comes to the fulfillment of the promises. As a graphic designer when you make promises to create graphic designs for your customers you should be able to fulfill your promises as your customers will charge you integrity from you ability to fulfill most of your promises. This will establish strong business and interpersonal relationships with your customers, which will build on your strong character.

When you are able to fulfill most of your promises, you can be at a good position to attract and retain a high number of customers in the market place and most of the things in your life will improve towards a positive direction. Besides being able to attract only customers to your business, a person with a high sense of integrity is able to attract the individuals and life situations, which are considered to be the best in the society. In that way you will become a person of an exception character, which stands high above others in the society as compared to those who do not practice integrity (Damian et al 2003).

When a person is able to remain consistent with his or her actions, the person is able to gain self respect. This is because the person is able to develop self confidence every time he or she is able to meet the promises, which he makes to his own personal self. When a person deceives his or her own personal self on various issues, he or she is causing harm to himself by rejecting the actions, which come from within that establishes the base for loss of personal integrity.

When a person is not able to have self respect, it becomes hard for that person to be able to get people who can trust and respect him or her (Damian et al 2003). Biologically speaking, the acts of lying alter the cell structures of a human body by weakening them. The reason for these is because the cell structures are made in such a way that they stay either in a state of protection or in other instances in the state of being able to achieve growth.

All these states are intended to maintain the body of a human being from harmful components, which exist in the body system (Damian et al 2003). When a person lies about various issues on different occasions, the cells of the body go to a state of protection, whereby they create a boundary, which will enclose harmful materials within them. The body registers a lie in a manner that will result in the development of disease causing organisms, as a way shielding the body from the stress, which they undergo through the human conscious, which is disturbed by a lie.

Usually telling one lie will lead to a continuous flow of other lies, which will justify the first lie that was said about a given situation. In that manner the body also responds in that manner by initiating a number of body chemical reactions, which will lead to the production of many disease causing micro-organisms. Many continuous lies will overwhelm the body defense mechanism in dealing with the toxins, which cause diseases leading to the weakening of the body by diseases (Damian et al 2003).

Considering the effect that lies have on the body mechanism, it is important for a person to be able to tell the truth at all times as it will enable the person to enjoy a good health. The fact is that lies will cause the body to develop stress, which will in turn result to a variety of stress related diseases, which are harmful and costly to prevent once they have invaded the body system (Damian et al 2003). As human beings, we always tend to prefer to have good things in life as compared to the bad things.

It is important for a graphic designer to understand that, it is integrity that leads to the good things in life. Though we always seem to prefer the good things we have not been able to successfully embrace the good actions, which involve integrity so as to get the good things, that as an individual desires to have in life. The development of integrity starts way back during the early stages of a child’s development and with time if the acts of integrity are initiated in a person, then the person can be able to exercise it in all the situations in life (Damian et al 2003).

Conclusion As analyzed in the above analysis on the subject of integrity in every aspect of a human’s life, conclusions can be made that, integrity is a collection of acts which can be demonstrated in a person being able to be honest with his own personal self. Personal honesty will then lead to the person transforming the various values, which he or she holds in life to other people. Thus integrity is an act that has to begin within a person then it will flow to the outside parties.

The essay also established that integrity is a composition of various components, which include the actions of a person, his or her values and beliefs as displayed in various life situations. The importance of integrity is also illustrated in the essay as to include the development of high levels of self respect, and increased self esteem for a person who practices integrity in all the aspects of life among many other benefits. Word count 2300 References Cox Damian, M. La Caze, M. P. Levine (2003). Integrity and the fragile self. Ashgate publishing Ltd.

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