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Mkt 100 1 Questions With Question Points Relative Advantage Compatibility

Question 1 1 points
Relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility, and communicability are all examples of ________.
individual differences in innovativeness
product characteristics that influence rate of adoption
alternative evaluation
postpurchase behavior
dissonance-reducing buying behavior
Question 2 1 points
Consumers learn about new products for the first time and make the decision to buy them during the ________.
new product recognition
adoption process
information search
quality assessment
evaluation process
Question 3 1 points
Which of the following is NOT true of mature consumers?
They place more importance on brand names and are more brand loyal than members of other age groups
The best strategy is to appeal to their active, multidimensional lives.
They are good candidates for cosmetics and personal care products.
They are an ideal market for “do-it-for-me” services.
High-tech home entertainment products appeal to them.
Question 4 1 points
Of the following, the best starting point to understanding how consumers respond to various marketing efforts is the ________ model of a buyer’s behavior.
Question 5 1 points
The consumer market is made up of which of the following?
households that purchase goods or services for personal consumption
individuals who acquire goods or services for personal consumption
businesses that purchase goods and services
A and B
all of the above
Question 6 1 points
A shoe company uses ads featuring the members of a country music band with the hope that the band’s fans will see them wearing the company’s shoes and want to wear the same shoes. The shoe company is hoping that fans of the band view the band as a ________.
reference group
membership group
brand personality
Question 7 1 points
A(n) ________ is a person’s relatively consistent evaluations, feelings, and tendencies toward an object or idea.
Question 8 1 points
Some consumers worry that they will be affected by marketing messages without even knowing it. They are concerned about ________ advertising.
alternative evaluation
Question 9 1 points
During which stage of the business buying process is a buyer most likely to conduct value analysis, carefully studying components to determine if they can be redesigned, standardized, or made less expensive?
general need recognition
product specification
proposal solicitation
order-routine specification
performance review
Question 10 1 points
If the consumer’s drive is strong and a satisfying product is near at hand, the consumer is likely to buy it then. If not, the consumer may store the need in memory or undertake a(n) ________.
information search
postpurchase behavior
brand personality
product adoption
alternative evaluation
Question 11 1 points
Researchers found that a number of well-known brands tended to be strongly associated with one particular trait, such as Jeep with “ruggedness.” Which of the following terms would a marketer use to describe a specific mix of human traits that may be attributed to a particular brand?
brand personality
brand perception
brand equity
product image
new product
Question 12 1 points
________ are society’s relatively permanent and ordered divisions whose members share similar values, interests, and behaviors.
Social classes
Reference groups
Question 13 1 points
________ is the task of developing and maintaining an overall company strategy for long-run survival and growth.
Short-term planning
Strategic planning
Long-range planning
Annual market planning
Question 14 1 points
Starbucks has introduced a debit card that lets customers prepay for coffee and snacks. This effort by Starbucks management is an example of ________.
market penetration
product adaptation
market development
product development
Question 15 1 points
A vendor for Ford Motor Company received the following message from one of Ford’s marketing managers: “As we move forward during the 21st century, it is incumbent upon us to inform you that Ford is committed to building profitable customer relationships by creating environmentally better cars and getting them to market faster at lower costs.” The marketing manager is most likely referring to Ford’s ________.
mission statement
vision statement
business portfolio
business objectives
market tactics
Question 16 1 points
Of the following, it is most important for marketers to develop ________ for their products.
customer management organizations
unique market positions
marketing ROI data
market management organizations
marketing dashboards
Question 17 1 points
In the BCG approach, ________ are high-share, high-growth businesses or products. They need heavy investment to finance rapid growth. When their growth slows down, they turn into ________.
stars; question marks
cash cows; stars
dogs; cash cows
stars; cash cows
question marks; dogs
Question 18 1 points
Which of the following is NOT a reason that a firm might want to abandon products or markets?
The firm has entered areas in which it does not have expertise.
The firm has grown too fast
The market environment has changed, making a product less profitable.
The firm has not properly researched foreign markets which it has entered.
The economic climate is showing signs of recovery.
Question 19 1 points
Modern marketing departments are arranged in all of the following ways, EXCEPT which one?
geographic organization
strategic management organization
functional organization
product management organization
market management organization
Question 20 1 points
In the Boston Consulting Group approach, ________ provide(s) a measure of market attractiveness.
market growth rate
relative market share
cash cows
Question 21 1 points
________ can be a company division, a product line within a division, or sometimes a single product or brand.
A market
A value delivery network
Question 22 1 points
In the Boston Consulting Group approach, ________ serve(s) as a measure of company strength in the market.
market segmentation
cash cows
relative market share
market growth rate
Question 23 1 points
The ________ organizational format was first used by Procter and Gamble in 1929.
customer management
market management
product management
Question 24 1 points
________ are low-growth, high share businesses or products. They generate a lot of cash that the firm uses to pay its bills and support other SBUs that need investment.
Question marks
Cash cows
Question 25 1 points
When Kraft focused on cost-cutting with its older and established brands, leaving them without much investment or modification, Kraft had decided to ________ the older products.
Question 26 1 points
The creation of a successful new product depends on a company’s understanding of its ________ and its ability to deliver ________ to customers.
customers, competitors, and markets; superior value
customers, brands, products; product images
product life cycle, legal responsibilities, and social responsibilities; innovations
competitors, distributors, and employees; new styles
product, marketing mix, and marketing strategy; functional features
Question 27 1 points
Which of the following statements best explains why idea screening may be the most import step of new product development?
Some potentially profitable ideas may be ill perceived by the idea screeners.
It gives research and development team members an opportunity to gather consumer feedback.
It saves the company money in product development costs by giving the green light to only the product ideas that are likely to be profitable.
Some ideas that will become market disasters may be originally viewed favorably by the idea screeners.
It increases the number of ideas generated.
Question 28 1 points
The R-W-W framework asks three questions: Is it real? Can we win? Is it worth doing? Marketers should ask these questions during the ________ stage of the new-product development process.
idea screening
product development
idea generation
concept testing
Question 29 1 points
Your company decides to use internal sources for developing new product ideas. Which of the following would NOT be consulted?
intrapreneurial programs
company records and data
executives and professionals
Question 30 1 points
Proctor & Gamble has sold off a number of lesser or declining brands such as Oxydol detergent and Jif peanut butter. In these examples, management decided to ________ the products.
further test
ignore the test market results of
Question 31 1 points
Executives, manufacturing employees, and salespeople are all examples of ________.
new-product committee members
research and development team members
core members of innovation management systems
internal sources for new-product ideas
external sources for new-product ideas
Question 32 1 points
At Fantastic Flavors, a large regional chain of candy stores, employees from marketing, design, production, and finance work in a cross-functional group to save time and money in the new-product development process. Fantastic Flavors uses a(n) ________ approach
sequential new-product development
team-based new-product development
customer-centered new-product development
innovation management system
consumer composite
Question 33 1 points
When a product enters the maturity stage, the company should consider ________.
divesting the product
maintaining the product
harvesting the product
dropping the product
modifying the product, market, or marketing mix
Question 34 1 points
Once the prototype of Wainwright Industries’ new riding lawnmower, made especially for women, passes product tests, the next step is ________.
focus group surveys
test marketing
business analysis
Question 35 1 points
JoAnn Fabrics, Inc., has just created a new combination of colors and fabric types. The firm wants to be sure of the way consumers perceive its new product. The firm is concerned with the product ________.
Question 36 1 points
CellTones, a new company selling several lines of cellular phones, has closely modeled its products after successful products that are already in the marketplace. As it prepares to enter the market with its new products and services, which of the following should concern CellTones the most?
patent laws
product liability suits
limited warranties
the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
legal obligations to suppliers and dealers
Question 37 1 points
When a company lengthens its product line beyond its current range, it is ________.
product line stretching
increasing product depth
building brand equity
product line filling
product mixing
Question 38 1 points
Most manufactured materials and parts are sold directly to ________. Price and service are the major marketing factors; branding and advertising tend to be less important.
government buyers
industrial users
Question 39 1 points
An increasing number of retailers and wholesalers have created their own ________, also called store brands.
private brands
shopping products
unsought products
specialty products
service variability
Question 40 1 points
Which of the following types of quality refers to freedom from defects and consistency in delivering a targeted level of performance?
total quality management

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