Proposed system feasibility sample essay

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Proposed system feasibility sample essay

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1. (B) An analysis of proposed system feasibility and a logical system design are part of which of the following SDLC phase? a. Construction phase b. Definition phase c. Implementation phase d. System-building phase

2. (B) The SDLC phase that typically requires the greatest percentage of total cost for a project is the _________ phase. a. definition b. construction c. implementation d. final

3. (B) A feasibility analysis includes which of the following components? a. System requirements document b. Scope or boundaries of the system c. Processes used to convert data d. All of the above.

4. (A) The ___________ approach to systems development has often been referred to as the “waterfall” model. a. SDLC b. prototyping c. RAD d. XP

5. (C) Deciding what hardware and software will be used to operate the system and defining the processing modules that will comprise the system are part of which SDLC step? a. System building b. Requirements definition c. System design d. Feasibility analysis

6. (A) System testing, as part of the SDLC Construction phase, is the responsibility of: a. both users and IS analysts. b. users only. c. IS analysts only. d. independent third parties.

7. (A) Which of the following accurately describes the order in which a system is tested? a. b. c. d. Module testing, subsystem testing, integration testing, acceptance testing Subsystem testing, acceptance testing, integration testing, module testing Acceptance testing, integration testing, subsystem testing, module testing Module testing, integration testing, subsystem testing, acceptance testing

8. (D) A conversion strategy whereby an organization continues to operate the old system together with the new one for one or more cycles, until the new system is working properly and the old system can be discontinued is called a: a. pilot strategy. b. phased strategy. c. cutover strategy. d. parallel strategy.

9. (C) Which of the following accurately describes the cutover (cold turkey) strategy for a system conversion? a. Safe b. Time consuming c. Risky d. All of the above.

10. (B) The following diagram depicts which of the following conversion strategies? a. b. c. d. Parallel strategy Phased strategy Pilot strategy Cutover strategy

11. (A) The percent of development resources devoted to maintenance for a system: a. b. c. d. generally increases over time. generally decreases over time. generally stays about the same over time. is variable depending on the system.

12. (A) Which of the following is not the responsibility of a system project manager? a. Determine what the system will do b. Detail the tasks of the project c. Determine how long each task will take d. Obtain the necessary personnel

13. (B) Which of the following accurately represents a responsibility of a systems analyst? a. Obtain promised benefits of system b. Develop detailed system requirements c. Acceptance testing d. All of the above.

14. (B) Which of the following is usually not a problem associated with specifying detailed requirements at the beginning of the development process? a. Capturing all the exceptions b. System programmers have no experience with this type of process c. System complexity d. Business environment often changing

15. (A) Which of the following accurately characterizes the systems development life cycle (SDLC)? a. The success of a project dependent is on the accurate and complete specification of detailed requirements at the beginning of the development process. b. The process is short, often requiring only a few months. c. A manager can easily obtain approval for a
system crucial to his or her department. d. All of the above.

16. (C) Which of the following has helped to make evolutionary development (prototyping) feasible? a. Nonprocedural languages b. Relational database management systems c. Both A. and B. d. Neither A. nor B.

17. (B) Which of the following steps of the prototyping approach is not the responsibility of the system builders? a. Develop initial prototype b. Use prototype and note desired changes c. Revise and enhance prototype d. Install, operate, and maintain

18. (B) Which of the following is not an advantage of prototyping? a. Only basic system requirements are needed at the front-end of the project. b. End-prototype typically has more security and control features than a system developed with an SDLC process. c. Strong top-down commitment may be less necessary at the outset of the project. d. User acceptance is likely to be higher than with a system developed using an SDLC process.

19. (D) Which of the following statements is (are) true of a pure prototyping approach? a. b. c. d. Allows firms to explore the use of newer technologies Documentation is typically less complete than with traditional systems development approaches Less security and control features than with traditional systems development approaches All of the above.

20. (C) Based on the major steps in a prototyping development methodology, which of the following most accurately represents these steps and the order in which they occur? a. Identify basic system requirement; develop initial prototype; evaluate as operational system; make necessary modification; install, operate, and evolve. b. Develop initial prototype; evaluate as operational system; use prototype and note desired changes; revise and enhance prototype; install, operate, and evolve; make necessary modifications. c. Identify basic system requirements; develop initial prototype; use prototype and note desired changes; revise and enhance prototype; evaluate as operational system; make necessary modifications; install, operate, and maintain. d. None of the above.

21. (A) RAD is a hybrid methodology that combines aspects of the prototyping methodology and the ___________ methodology. a. b. c. d. SDLC piloting JAD CASE

22. (B) All of the following are considered advantages to using RAD methodology, except: a. b. c. d. dramatic savings in development time. quality is comparatively very high. focuses on essential system requirements. ability to rapidly change system design at user request.

23. (C) The agile method that emphasizes independent project teams, coordination and communication between and within teams, iterative and continuous monitoring of work, and highly efficient work methods is called: a. b. c. d. XP. RAD. Scrum. JAD.

24. (D) Which of the following is not an advantage of using outsourced staff for software development projects? a. b. c. d. Access to technical expertise Significant cost reduction Ability to complete projects more quickly Increased control over projects Fill-in the Blanks

25. Feasibility analysis of the proposed system includes a thorough analysis of three types of feasibility: economic, operational, and __TECHNICAL__.

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