Psy 203 Version 1 Week 3 Quiz University Of Phoenix Angelica

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Psy 203 Version 1 Week 3 Quiz University Of Phoenix Angelica

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PSY 203 Version 1 Week 3 Quiz

University of Phoenix

Angelica wants to win the beauty contest because she wants the trophy and the recognition. She is __ motivated. a. intrinsically b. avoidance c. extrinsically d. situationally

Maslow believed that all human beings strive to become a. great people b. self-actualized c. goal oriented d. achievement oriented

theory postulates that bodily reactions occur before the emotions and theory postulates that both the bodily reactions and emotions occur at the same time. a. Cannon–Bard theory; James–Lange theory b. James–Lange theory; Two factor theory c. James–Lange theory; Cannon–Bard theory d. Emotional intelligence; Dual Pathway Model of Fear

__ is the ability to manage emotions effectively in a variety of situations. a. Emotional intelligence b. Emotional resilience c. Emotional stability d. Mental toughness

___ believed that the process in which we handle specific psychosocial crises shapes our personality development throughout the lifespan. a. Sigmund Freud b. Erik Erickson c. Jean Piaget d. Albert Bandura

Children tend to view the world based on their personal perspectives. The term for this is a. centration b. egocentrism c. ego identity d. narcissism

_____ developed his theories on human development by observing his own children interact with the world. a. Jean Piaget b. Albert Bandera c. Erik Erikson d. Lev Vygotsky

__ theorized that children learn through the process of interacting with different types of people in their culture and daily lives. a. Jean Piaget b. Albert Bandera c. Erik Erikson d. Lev Vygotsky

Erikson believed one of the biggest challenges people face in late adulthood is their ability to maintain their ____ as they approach the end of their life, a. sense of self b. ego identity c. ego integrity d. self-efficacy
According to Erikson’s psychosocial development theory, what is the life crisis stage when people develop close relations with others? a. Identity versus role diffusion b. Intimacy versus isolation c. Generativity versus stagnation d. Integrity versus despair

Fill in the Blank

___ Rewards or other stimuli that motivate us to do something

___ The desire to earn wealth or respect of others

___ Achieving self-satisfaction by completing a particular goal

___ The belief that emotions occur after people become aware of the physiological responses to the triggering stimuli

____ The belief that emotional and physiological responses occur simultaneously

____ The process of adjustment that enables people to function more effectively in meeting the demands they face in the environment

____ The process of incorporating new objects or situations into existing schemas

____ The process of creating new schemas or modify existing ones to account for new objects and experiences

____ The tendency to see the world from one’s own perspective
____ The attainment of a psychological sense of knowing oneself and one’s direction in life

Short Answer

Describe Piaget’s stages of cognitive development.
Describe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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