Psy 285 Entire Course Week 1 Individual Assignment Experimental

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Psy 285 Entire Course Week 1 Individual Assignment Experimental

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PSY 285 Week 1 Individual Assignment Experimental Research
Describe one of the following experiments, which study human subjects, in 450 to 750 words:
A pharmaceutical company wants to test a new sleep aid.
An educational company is interested in determining whether their new math curriculum will raise standardized test scores.
Teachers want to know if using antibacterial gels will prevent them from getting a cold or the flu.
Include a description of each of the elements in the context of the experiment you chose from the above list:
A hypothesis
Treatment group
Control group
Measurement—what variable will be examined to determine the success of the experiment?

Identify any ethical considerations that must be addressed.
Format according to APA standards.

PSY 285 Week 1 CheckPoint Causation and Correlation
View the Causation and Correlation Presentation.
Compare and contrast causation and correlation in a 200- to 300-word post. Explain whether each of the following may be classified as a causation or correlation. Justify your reasoning. Identify any possible lurking variables that may be present.

Wealthy people are thin.
People with long hair do better on audio memory tests.
Ice cream melts when heated.
Students with fewer clothes perform worse on standardized tests.
Money is the root of all evil. In other words, money causes evil

PSY 285 Week 2 CheckPoint CheckPoint Locus of Control
Complete the Locus of Control Assessment located in your course materials.
Write 200 to 300 words applying critical thinking to determine whether an internal or external locus of control is more effective in various life situations. The three major elements to critical thinking are logical inquiry, problem solving, and evaluative decision making. Include the following elements:

Logical inquiry: Find two reliable sources that provide a balanced view of internal versus external locus of control. Reference these sources in your response. Also, complete the Locus of Control Assessment to find out whether you have an internal or external locus of control.
Problem solving: What are positive and negative outcomes of internal and external locus of control? Provide specific examples.
Evaluative decision making: Given the pros and cons of the two types of locus of control, is it better to have an internal or external locus of control? Explain your answer. In what situations do you exhibit the less effective locus of control? How might you change your interpretation of events to the effective locus of control in these situations?

Post your response.

PSY 285 Week 2 DQ 1,2

DQ 1
What are the differences between collectivism and individualism? What are two advantages and two disadvantages of collectivism and individualism? Respond to your classmates by identifying the areas of your life in which you demonstrate collectivism and individualism.
DQ 2
What are the benefits and drawbacks of self-serving biases? Also, provide two examples of self-serving bias and explain how the examples are adaptive or maladaptive.

PSY 285 Week 3 CheckPoint Confirmation Bias

Discuss how confirmation bias can influence perceptions and how some beliefs can actually generate their own confirmation in 200 to 300 words. Provide relevant examples to support your explanation

PSY 285 Week 3 Individual Assignment Attitudes and Behaviors
Assume you are a counselor and have just had a break through with one of your clients. It seems your client is just realizing how powerful behaviors and attitudes can be. Your client was caught in a negative cycle of poor behaviors and attitudes. Each poor decision was followed by negative feelings. Each negative feeling was then followed by more negative actions. Without compromising your client’s right to privacy, you are interested in sharing some of the themes you discovered with your colleagues.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation discussing the following:
Explain how behaviors may influence attitudes. Include specific behaviors, such as role-playing, speech, and the foot-in-the-door phenomenon.
Explain how social cognition may both positively and negatively affect one’s attitudes and behaviors.
Incorporate relevant examples.
Include detailed speaker notes.
Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles.

PSY 285 Week 4 CheckPoint Obedience
Resource: Milgram’s Obedience video
View Milgram’s Obedience video at
Write a 200- to 300-word post that addresses the following:
What was your initial reaction to the study?
How does the presence of the administrator or authority figure affect the obedience?
Provide examples of how authority affects obedience in everyday life.
Why will many people do something against their personal ethics simply because an authority has asked?

PSY 285 Week 4 DQ 1,2
DQ 1
•What degree of the gender roles we play is determined by our biology? How much is determined by our culture? How are independence, connectedness, social dominance, aggression, and sexuality influenced by gender roles?
DQ 2

•Summarize the methods and results of Asch’s well-known experiments in conformity. What do these studies tell us about how individuals tend to behave in group settings? Describe the features of social settings and situations that seem to encourage conformity. Can you think of some situations in your own life when you succumbed to group norms against your better judgment? When is conformity helpful? When can it be harmful?

PSY 285 Week 5 Individual Assignment Persuasion, Indoctrination, and Inoculation

Select one of the following topics:
Voting for your favorite political candidate
Joining a religious group
Refraining from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that persuades your classmates to take action in support of your position.
Create a plan for indoctrination and inoculation. Use logical inquiry and problem solving to arrive at a recommendation. Adhere to the following guidelines:

Use central arguments and peripheral cues.
Use logic and emotion to support your position.
Explain why you might be a credible source to deliver this message.
Anticipate counterarguments.
Develop a plan of indoctrination for your class.
Develop a plan of inoculation against attacks on your position.
Reference at least two outside sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

PSY 285 Week 5 CheckPoint Presence of Others
Post a 200- to 300-word response identifying behavior changes that result from the presence of others. Why does the presence of others produce changes in our level of performance or awareness?
Provide personal examples of behavior changes related to the presence of others.
Support your findings with two peer-reviewed sources.

PSY 285 Week 6 CheckPoint Symptoms and Remedies of Groupthink
Resource: Appendix B
Read the case study in Appendix B.
Respond to the following in 200 to 300 words:

Identify at least four symptoms of groupthink present in the case study.
What specific actions in the case study exemplify these symptoms?
What steps can the members of the group take to ensure that this situation does not occur in the future?
If Mark and Betty had been determined to have their views acknowledged, how might they have used minority influence to have the rest of the team reconsider their position?

PSY 285 Week 6 DQ 1,2
DQ 1
Suppose you are asked to participate in a group project for class. Five people have been assigned to your group. Your grade will be determined by the group effort, and everyone in the group will get the same grade. Two people in the group have decided to become social loafers and reap the benefits of your hard work. What actions will you or your group take to remedy the problem?
DQ 2
What are some positive and negative examples of deindividuation? How does the behavior change as a result of deindividuation? What advice might you offer to someone who wants to be more self-aware in situations where deindividuation is likely to occur and have a negative outcome? Alternately, what advice might you give if someone wants to be less self-aware and integrate for positive or altruistic reasons?

PSY 285 Week 7 CheckPoint Prejudice
Answer the following in 200 to 300 words and provide an example that illustrates your answer for each question.

How does society confirm prejudicial attitudes?
How does one’s social identity contribute to prejudice?
How do emotions encourage prejudicial attitudes?
What cognitive processes influence prejudice?
PSY 285 Week 7 Individual Assignment Aggression
Over the past few months, a local school district has seen an increase in violence among the high school students. You have been asked by the high school principal to speak to parents and faculty about aggression.
Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation illustrating the following:
Theories of aggression
Blood chemistry
Neural influences
Psychological influences on aggression
How is aggression learned?
In what ways does the media influence aggression?
How might aggression be reduced?
Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.
Cite at least four sources. Research the University Library for at least two of your sources.
Format according to APA standards

PSY 285 Week 8 CheckPoint Conflict
Conflict is a natural part of life that everyone experiences on occasion. Understanding and resolving conflict helps you to have lasting and fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life.
Identify and explain causes of conflict in 200 to 300 words. What methods must be employed for reconciliation?

PSY 285 Week 8 DQ 1,2
DQ 1
What attributes make someone attractive? How does proximity influence attractiveness? Are people with similar interests more or less attractive than people with different interests? Why? What factors create lasting sustainability in relationships? What factors contribute to a failed relationship?
DQ 2
Is there really such a thing as altruism? Why or why not? What motivates people to help?

PSY 285 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint

Respond to the following in 200 to 300 words:

What have you learned about yourself during this course? In responding to this question, consider specific concepts covered in the course, such as self-serving bias, persuasion, or group dynamics.
How might the information in this course help you personally and professionally? Provide specific examples.

Post your respons

PSY 285 Week 9 Final ProjectSelf-Analysis

Resource: Appendix A
Create a 1,750- to 2,100-word self-analysis of your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in a social context.
Describe in detail the way you think and act with respect to the topics of this course.
Include appropriate examples to illustrate your understanding of the concepts presented in the course.
Address the following in your self-analysis answers:


Define yourself by completing the following sentence: “I am .” Include three of your most defining characteristics and a brief explanation of each.
Are you independent or interdependent? What evidence supports your answer?
What role does self-serving bias play in your self-concept?
Do you have an internal or external locus of control? How does your locus of control contribute to your self-concept?

Attitudes and feelings

How does confirmation bias influence your perception of yourself and the people around you?
What experiences have you had with beliefs generating their own confirmation?
In what ways have your behaviors influenced your attitudes?

Gender roles

The text suggests several ways genetics influence gender identity, such as level of independence, social dominance, aggression, sexuality. How is your gender identity influenced by genetics? In what ways has your gender identity been shaped by the environment in which you were raised? What evidence do you have to support your answers?

Social influence

To what degree do you feel that you conform? What examples provide evidence of your willingness or unwillingness to conform?
How does authority influence your obedience? Support your answer with relevant examples.
How has the foot-in-the-door technique persuaded you to do something?
How have you persuaded others using the foot-in-the-door technique?
How do you change when in the presence of others? Provide examples to support your answers.

Group dynamics

What experiences have you had with social loafing? Do you foresee similar experiences happening again in the future? Why or why not?
To what degree do you become deindividuated in the presence of others? Use examples to support your answer.


What factors cause you to be attracted to someone?
What do you do to help sustain your relationships?
What do you do to resolve conflict? Provide examples to demonstrate your answer.

Format according to APA standards.

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