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The Fish and Game Warden sample essay

Natural reserves are one of man’s most priceless possessions. No two nations share the same variety of flora and fauna. They are considered blessings as more than having to exist to satisfy human needs, their role in the whole of the ecosystem is undeniably irreplaceable. As they benefit from its existence, they must learn to preserve valuable resources in return. While nature can still suffice their needs, time will not always be on their side.

Natural reserves are slowly nearing extinction, with it, life may all together be lost if proper care and conservation is not carried out while some time is left to heal the damage that human beings has inflicted on the blessings they have been bestowed upon. The Fish and Game Warden Fishery officers render their services for the state, safeguarding the rights of fish as well as those who reap them. To a great extent, fishery officers are akin to police officers in the city who tread their customary beats. They supervise their designated areas, imposing national as well as local government regulations (Schools in the USA.

com, 2008). They take part in researchers concerning growth and advancement of reserves, and struggle to identify regions that are being exhausted by unlawful fishing or industrial violation. They keep an eye on the natural fish reserves to guarantee that they are not exhausted too quickly by environmental as well as human forces. In the absence of fishery officers, people may not have a great deal of aquaculture left to look after. Their responsibility is multifaceted, at the same time essential. Initially, they implement regulations as well as principles laid down by both national and local governments on the subject of fishing.

They hunt down persons who are reaping with no a license or during off season, for instance, and implement proper rules and set of laws. They too, are in the service of the community, particularly those who labor near metropolitan centers. Moreover, they offer training classes on fishing rights, the value of safeguarding natural areas as well as on boating safety. Fishing officers could take a trip to institutions as well as neighborhood centers, and at boating as well as fisheries operations, and even to the marine Olympics.

The United States is an exceptional nation in the sense that it is blessed with rights of entry to different bodies of waters like oceans, rivers as well as lakes. The fish that is found in those waters are constantly endangered by overfishing as well as unlawful reaps. Fishery officers are essential in the sense that they safeguard the waters as well as the living organisms that inhabit those places, preserving a healthy stability to guarantee many fishes will swim those waters for the coming years. These people ought to have a great concern for the natural world as well as a profound interest for the ecosystem.

They must take pleasure in keeping themselves physically in good shape. They are also expected to exhibit good written and verbal communication skills. Fishery offices must be considerate, discreet, and assertive in their knack at dealing with stubborn people and complicated situations. They ought to stay collected during difficult situations, and be systematic and tolerant in resolving conflicts. Also, they must be skilled at collecting information, understanding facts and figures, and working with other professionals. They should have no problems working and living on their own.

Fishery officers can labor everywhere in country where there exists a body of water. They usually find jobs at coastal areas of the state (Schools in the USA. com, 2008). New hires may not be given the option to select a workplace of choice. Working with governmental institutions which have something to do with environmental defense, fishery officers may be deployed to rural as well as far-flung localities. Educational Requirements Majority of them are employed at the Fish and Game department of the state. It accepts applications from competent job finders on a regular basis however qualifying examinations are administered every two years.

The Fish and Wildlife Service department of the state hires a small number of special agents. To qualify for the position, applicants must complete two years of post secondary education to the very least. This consists of sixty semesters or its equivalent. Eighteen out of those 60 ought to be under biological science or police courses (California Employment Development Department, 2008). The Fish and Game department administer a written examination which comprises the standards of police force, preservation, the habits, ecosystem as well as supply of fish and wildlife, and the skill to think rationally.

Participants ought to undergo physical examinations, which involves eye sight and auditory tests as well as do well in a physical endurance examination that involves a 100 yard swimming lap (California Employment Development Department, 2008). Cadets undergo a Fish and Game police force training program following their employment. Such program is administered at several police academies. The Commission on Peace Officer Standards of the United States recognizes the aforementioned program (California Employment Development Department, 2008).

Special agents working of the national government are required to hold a degree in criminal justice or biology. Useful courses include mathematics, biology, and physical education. Vigorous physical activities are also helpful. A keen interest in police force activities can also prove to be beneficial. Outdoor activities in the form of camping, hunting, mountain climbing as well as fishing may aid students in preparation for a Fish and Game career in the future. Fish and Game Warden courses and its equivalent The University of Maine at Fort Kent offers courses for Game Warden (University of Maine at Fort Kent, 2008).

This focus combines assignments in police force as well as field biology, and highlights understanding of wildlife biology and management. Students selecting this particular field will gain the proficiency required to pursue Game Wardens jobs, and work in organizations, wildlife parks, or other industries that involve knowledge of wildlife concerns. Even though earning a bachelor’s degree is not a requisite of each state’s Fish and Game department, a lot of Fish and Game Wardens have learned that such a degree allows them to better perform their work.

They also came to realize that a bachelor’s degree gives them the edge against other qualifiers vying for the same position like they do. Degrees most Fish and Game Wardens hold include a Bachelor in Biology of Environmental Sciences. Such course is may be obtained from Ashford University. Another common degree among these professional is a Bachelor in Criminal Justice. To some extent, the credentials and prerequisites of becoming a Fish and Game Warden vary from every state. Generally, an applicant must be 21 years old at least at the time of hiring. However, some states may hire an 18 year old as a Game Warden, nevertheless.

Fish and Game Wardens ought not to have any criminal offenses, should secure an official driver’s license, be physically fit, be a citizen of the United States of America at the time of hiring, as well as hold a bachelor’s degree. An associate degree course combined with a full time wildlife and/or fish practice or training in police force may waive the bachelor’s degree prerequisite for some states. Career advancement in this particular field is predicted to be quite modest. Education prerequisites for Fish and Game Wardens involve biology, law and administration, and civic protection and defense.

They must have a thorough understanding of the flora and fauna, their cells, tissues, behaviors, co – existence, and relations with one another and their surroundings. They should be well versed regarding rules, official policies, court proceedings, standards, administrative policies, executive orders, organizational system, and the egalitarian political practice. Furthermore, they should know about pertinent equipment, course of action, processes, and strategies to uphold efficient district, civic or national defense procedures for the safety of the citizens, information, assets, and organizations.

The weight on their shoulders Fish and Gamer Wardens oversee the behaviors of anglers, industrial fishers, trade organizations, and persons using the waters within the area of responsibility of the United States of America. They keep track of activities, ecological conditions, and all else that concerns the fisheries department. They aid other local police force agencies. They suggest modifications or revision to legislation and systems of policy in relation to preservation and fishing concerns. They inspect unauthorized or unidentified fishing vessels.

These professionals protect civic security in sheltered regions. They present data to media, institutions, recreational centers as well as civic organizations. They examine water contamination and territorial destruction. They propose and execute control procedures to avoid and defeat damage triggered by human beings and environmental forces. They release several licenses as well as authorizations. Fishery officers labor hard to guarantee the responsible utilization of the state’s sheltered regions and natural reserves.

They labor for the most part outdoors, and on the water the whole year and under all climate conditions, as well as render some time inside offices for paper works and the like. They generally labor for extended hours and can labor hard during the earliest parts of the day, or on the latest hours of the night. Weekends as well as holidays are usually considered among their working days, nonetheless. They might have to act in response to emergencies during these times. Sometimes, they deliver lectures in classroom set ups, or proceed to court halls to present proof against unlawful fishers and fishing habits.

Compensation plan Generally, they labor for the administration. Their monthly wages of State Fish as well as Game Wardens can go somewhere between $2, 244 up to $2, 670. The monthly compensation of Wardens go somewhere between $2,404 up to $3, 467. The monthly compensation of special agents who work for the national government can go somewhere between $1,664 up to $3,656 (California Employment Development Department, 2008). Working hours may be irregular as they may report to work during national holidays or days off since these are times when they are almost certainly cap municipal and national parks and woods.

Opportunities Fishery offices may labor in rural regions, or be employed in urban hubs, keeping an eye on the surrounding bodies of water. They can proceed to administrative slots. Others can become law enforcement officers, environmental advocates, instructors or lecturers at colleges or universities. Some advance to do rural planning as well as land use distribution. Pay offs The police force division presents a complete statewide plan to safeguard the wildlife, other natural reserves, as well as the surroundings.

It also offers cautious boating techniques as well as leisure water protection on open waters by guaranteeing observance of pertinent state rules and systems of policies. Game Wardens are accountable for the implementation of the parks and wildlife set of discipline, rules, and special statues and policies relevant to uncontaminated air and water, harmful substances, and human wellbeing. They execute these tasks by means of educating the community concerning different sets of disciplines and rules, avoiding infringements by performing visibility rounds, capturing, and detaining violators.

Game Wardens are entitled to the certain benefits depending on which company or center they work for. Such benefits may include some of the following, leaves of absence for sickness or personal matters, insurance coverage, retirement benefits, public holidays, education as well as growth opportunities, to name a few. Obstructions Game wardens are subject to several risks for their lives and safety while performing their duties. Here are some of the dangerous misadventures they may be subject to while at service.

These could be some of the reasons that may impede one of becoming a Game Warden. In California, for instance, Game Wardens are declining to the point of damage. With it come the nation’s distinct wildlife, defenseless, and subjected to the cruelty of black marketers, poachers, and prize hunters (Carpenter, 2008). Low compensation as well as the expensive lifestyle that is required in coastal regions makes it hard for them to maintain marine stewardship. The moment they board a vessel, they usually travel the waters in the absence of a companion.

This certainly places them at great risk. Times are there when they encounter industrials fishers, some does not hold a license but are armed with several weapons that can easily target them. As if these were not perilous enough, they must labor and embark on the rough parts of the oceans. This subjects them under the mercy of fishermen who are sometimes provoking once caught breaching the rules of conduct. Besides these perils, there are regular troubles with arraigning these law offenders who have robbed priceless reserves and carried out misconducts against sheltered species.


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